Who’s in the sick house?


  • Sick, not training
  • Sick, but still training
  • Not sick yet
  • Soon to be sick

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Okay, with all the podcast and forum topics and wintery weather in the northern hemisphere it’s time to count the residents of the TR sick house.

My family got sick last Thursday and I thought I’d managed to get away with it until the sore throat started last night! :sneezing_face:


‘Training’ is a bit kind, though. Last night was the first time in over a week I did anything more strenuous than climb a flight of stairs, and it was doing 60 minutes of Fletcher (I cut out the last bit with the step up to 75%).


On my second cold in 3 weeks… this is the proper one. Finished SSBMV1 with 100% completion and feels like it’s all gone down the drain now as I’ve not got back in a rhythm since…


Fever and cough. Started with feeling sucky after Garfield on Monday. Craving all the processed carbs as well.


I totally feel your pain, bro. My mutating cold is in week three. I got sick the day after I finished SSB2 and was to do a new ramp test. Sat out for the first two weeks, back on the bike now for that exact fear – flushing all those weeks of work and fitness down the tubes. Taking another week to redo the last week of SSB2 to regain some fitness and find my position again before moving onto Build. Praying things don’t go south.


Yep. I’m low-grade sick. What sucks is that today is day two of training camp and I’m going for team selection. Rode yesterday, got my legs ripped off, then had a migraine at 10pm and only just coming around. Had to cry off today and will aim to join the cafe ride tomo, but I can see my chances of getting selected going up in smoke.


Couldn’t hold back and went for a run at lunch and a swim in the evening. Exhausted.

Thinking of a TR session at -10% if I’m willing tomorrow morning.

Feel like I’m driving myself under though, duh.


My second week of the bike, usually commute everyday and I’m doing SSB 1 low volume. I’ve had fever, head cold and now cough, I’m itching to get back into training but don’t want to make things worse and have more of a lay off


Day 4 of no training. RHR has started to come down and the fever is gone but the cough seems to be migrating to my lungs. At a work course all weekend so no training until Monday at the earliest.


Can’t remeber if you’re in the UK scherezade but this winter it seems to be a multi week thing.


In Canada actually (originally from UK). My sister was visiting from London a couple of weeks ago and she was sick the whole time she was here so I wouldn’t be surprised if she left me a few germs that weakened me and then all the kids I saw for work last week probably got me the rest of the way.


Week #2 and the descent continues, sound like Barry White and a nose like the Rednosed Reindeer.

Anyone made it out of here alive yet?


I was able to complete Fletcher on Sunday with only a high heart rate, and got through 8 work sets of squats in the gym yesterday. Still honking for two when I blow my nose, though.


Yesterday my husband told me I sounded like an elephant when I blew my nose. If I hadn’t already gotten dibs on the couch (helps me stay upright and I get some sleep) he would have been banished to it.

@JoeX - I buy the aloe vera kleenex to avoid the rudolph issue.


Not been feeling great since last Thursday but was well enough to do the next scheduled workout on Friday. However, will be pushing this weeks training out a bit into my “spare” week unless I improve.

Calendar makes this very easy.


Had a minor cold and sore throat two weeks or so ago, was no biggie as I was on my last week of SSB1LV so carried on through with low intensity workouts in the rest week. Now kicked in to my new plan. Had a pretty poor Ramp test and feel like all the workouts have been cranked up to 110%…hoping it’s a hangover from the cold and I’ve not just gone backwards!

I don’t mean this to come out the wrong way but it’s great to read all the other similar stories and know it’s not just me - bit like a ‘sickie support network’


Think I’m starting to come out of it, either that or my Christmas Party hangover is masking the illness.

Thighs throbbing from lack of use, might try a run or an easy ride like Carter to ease myself back up tomorrow.


I did Taku and some core work yesterday. Hoping to do Pettit today. Not feeling up to a run (maybe tomorrow) as still have a HR/RPE disconnect and I know the run will suck.


Not been on the bike but ran 6km in the rain this morning, and 2km swim this evening - Run was fine but the swim felt pretty heavy work for the light pace I was getting out.

Still got stuff in the sinuses but the throat is nearly back…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the outline of the sky…it’s just a shame it’s a sky full of clouds, freezing winds and torrential rain.


I had planned Slide Mountain -2 but decided to have a nap instead. I’m a tummy sleeper so being propped up for the last 10 days or so has been hell.