Who’s in the sick house?



It’s 3 weeks of sickness with pneumonia. I just did a classic ski and feel destroyed. It’s a usual route that I do and feeling like I just finished an xc race. Blaah


Crikey. Get well soon!


Hi, my name is Adam. ( dramatic pause) I am a TR user and I am sick.
Started in the second week of SSB2. How do we cope? This is a support group right?


Think of it as a time to eat loads and chil! :joy:


Slide Mountain and all its variants have been my go-to route back into training this last couple of weeks. I’ve been finding it perfect for getting the routine going again without overly stressing the system. Next up I’m going to have a crack at Steele to put some short intensity back in, and Carson to raise the longer effort level, but I’m expecting to have to scale things back a little when I do.


I did Garfield on Monday but not at full intensity and yesterday I did a 30 minute jog. Definitely needing more recovery than usual still.

Welcome @RipVanWinkle!


I can’t count how many times 5-hour energy shots have gotten me through some rough patches when I had a cold. And forcing myself to eat nothing but whole foods instead of the processed carb-loaded goodness my body craves. Oh, and a gallon of water every day, sometimes forcing it down.

And I probably just jinxed myself by posting on this thread - I’ll be joining the sick club any day now!


I’m in the same boat now… Had a slight cold earlier, and seemed to have gotten out of it. Started training lightly again for about a week, but now I have got a sore throat again… :rage:


I’m glad it’s not just me that craves processed carbs when sick. I ate a lot of sandwiches and blew through my freezer stash of bolognese while I was sick. That said, I had my first sweet potato in over two weeks yesterday and it was glorious :slight_smile:


I’m still knocking out three a week, but I’ve had to back down the intensity the last two in order to finish. meh.


I had a tub of Ben & jerries in between the lemsips (hot remedy drink) last week :rofl:


I didn’t mention the magnums and maltesers!


I took your advise! Pizza, soup, Spicy pork rinds, hot sauce or crushed red peppers on everything! (I like spicy food but I have not had a craving for it in a long time, related to being sick maybe?)

Going to make sure that I am properly fueled for this fight! haha


The only reason I did not eat the Ben&Jerries in our freezer was that it belonged to my wife and I am not sure that I could properly defend myself right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have been of the bike for almost 2 weeks now after getting the flu, sparing a short ride in the rain as I had to go coaching. I’m surprised by my complete lack of desire to get back on the bike. I’m thinking of not going back to SSB II for the last two weeks of the year but to turn it into something close to traditional base, slowly building to long slow hours to not get sick again.

I really put a full stop to training this time when I knew I was starting to get sick but it got rid of the rhythm I had built up. Despite the lack of motivation I’m still really dreading the loss in progress.


I think this can be the trade off - coming to a halt in training means you get better quicker, but you also fall out of the training habit.

But that’s why we’re here… to tell you to get your butt back on that bike now mister!


My Girlfriend and her daughter have both been ill over last three weeks, she brings all sorts of flavours of germs back from school… Girlfriend been coughing for over a week, I did had a bad chest infection back in August, so far no signs of catching anything this time around… being extra careful, doubly washing hands (trying not to become ocd with it!). Don’t want to get ill before disaster day!

I always try and fight off my own illnesses, I’m from the old school of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so hoping immunity has built up quiet high… Always avoid antibiotics… If I feel the slightest “throat germ” I’m straight on to a few slices of lemon with a teaspoon of honey in to hot water… so far, keeping fingers crossed, keeping all germs at bay!


Wife has been redecorating the bathrooms in varying shades of green all day…looks like my recovery may be short lived. :mask:


Yikes! Can you designate one bathroom a “healthy people only” zone?


The jinx came true! Was feeling fine all week, had a great training week with moderate/somewhat heavy TSS. Had a migraine last night and woke up today feeling wrecked. Fever over 100. :roll_eyes:

Loading up on water and sleep to fend off the nasty feelings. Thinking my body is telling me to sloooooooow down.