Why don’t roadies wear sleeveless jerseys?

I wear jerseys with sleeves to cover up my base layer with sleeves. If you really want crash protection, you have to wear a base layer. I have some wool blend base layers that are very good at wicking sweat, so one of those in combination with a lightweight plastic jersey is the best combo I have found for hot weather. I tried a compression base layer this summer and it was miserable. I imagine it would have worked really well had I crashed.

As far as going gloveless, I do it all the time. However, if you plan on falling down, it’s a lot better to have gloves on. Palms take forever to heal.

I flirt with the idea of doing this pretending in my head it will garner positive attention (it won’t), but then I remember default cycling position hides my abs

I don’t plan crashing, but losing a week or more of real world productivity due to palm or finger bleeding is way less likely wearing full finger gloves. Year round, every single ride. Even the bar runs. — Maybe not the bar runs in July, but definitely in September-June.

I just hit the deck with some brand new Sealskinz gloves this winter, and I regret tearing up such nice gloves, but comparing them to what could have been my own flesh…

Sam Pilgrim has no idea what you’re talking about.

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Nobody wants to see your ugly armpit hairs!

I generally don’t plan on falling down but wear gloves 99% of the time and always in events.

25mph crash and my brand new gloves looked like this, the label inside my glove actually covered the hole so I lost no skin

Please do not shame my kink :star_struck:

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