Why is Live stream/Youtube episode longer than the PoDCAST


If I listen to the podcast, I miss out on all the viewer questions as you end the podcast but keep going in livestream/recorded youtube.

There is a lot of good stuff missed if you listen to the PODcast.





@hughmoore the idea is to try and get more people to listen to the live cast. It is however also available on the YouTube version of the podcast as you note. If you want to listen to it after the fact and have it be like a podcast, you can use one of the free software apps out there to convert the YouTube version into an audio only file that you can then listen to like a podcast.


Being in the UK it is hard to listen live. I was wondering if the full version could be published to members. Non members would get the shorter version. It wouldn’t be hard to put the long version behind a password and members link.


I second that especially when YouTube won’t run in the background on your iPad when using TR and wanting to view what’s coming up. I know YouTube premium will but I’m not paying for that at the price it is. It’s ok on longer interval sessions. It’s not a major problem but Wouk be nice if there was a way around it! Can’t really complain much with the podcast being so good and free after all!