Why is Mary Austin changed?


That is a disturbing song/video. Lol


I do that for all the workouts that aren’t easy. The warmups are an interval by themselves for most workouts. So I spin for 5-10 min before starting.
The only warmup I’ve found good is the slow ramp in tempo workouts like Phoenix.


Just did Mary Austin -1 and it was STILL hard, but in a good way.


Aphex Twin! That’s pretty much perfect for those dreadful last minutes of a hard workout!

Thanks for reminding me of this tune, it’s one of my all time favorites.



Looks like the tuesday morning VO2 sessions have all changed in SSBII MV. Shorter and more of them and some 125% efforts compared to the slow progression towards 5x3m @120. Is the general concensus that we should be upgrading our own plans?


Nevermind…found the details here:


Chad, just wanted to let you know I finally conquered Leconte and Mary Austin. I have to say that I felt some pressure to do well as the original whiner of this thread. Mission accomplished!


Nice job! How does it feel?


It feels fantastic. In all honesty I think Kaiser was worse. Not sure if I had a bad day that day or not because I didn’t think Spencer was nearly as bad.


Lamarck broke me on the third interval. Backed it off 5% for that one… then got pissed at myself and pushed it back up for the last interval. Just brutal.


Lamarck is beastly. 2 min recovery goes by so fast