Why should I choose TrainerRoad over Zwift?


I switched from Zwift to TR because I wanted the assurance that the training I was doing made sense. I was doing structured workouts on Zwift, but I didn’t know if the workout made sense and was worthwhile.


Thank you all very much for joining in on this thread. A big response. Zwift certainly doesn’t offer this type of interaction!
I’m trying both at the minute but I must confess I’m swaying more towards one than the other.
Ive always kept things simple when it comes to training, so I’m not bothered about all the metrics and data that the likes of GC etc has to offer. Too deep for what I want. As long as I can see I’m getting fitter with feel and a basic look at metrics, then that’ll do me. I’ve always went on feel anyway.
As for a structured plan, I think I’ll just do what I’ve been doing and stick to my own and see how it goes. I’ve seen a 20watt increase in power in less than 5 weeks so somethings working by adopting a consistent and a simple approach.
As well as doing the TR sessions, I do create my own sessions and have done in Zwift, but never in TR. Has anyone got a quick link on how to create sessions on TR please???
Thank you


We’re also rebuilding our workout creator so that it’s more awesome :slight_smile:.

Workout creator

Thank you very much.
Sounds interesting that I’ll be able to tweak sessions already on there as well as creating my own.
I’d love to follow a plan but it’s just not for me at the moment. Choosing sessions from the workouts, mixed with my own, seems to be doing the trick.
I may try a plan in future and, if you don’t mind, while we’re on the subject, how do you swap and change sessions on the calendar to another day if I’m unable to do them on that particular day. If I was following a plan that is??? Can I swap whole weeks etc?? Is the calendar versatile in that way??


Open the calendar on the web. Click and drag the desired workout to the desired day. Just that simple.

On a plan, you can push, pull, move and copy entire weeks.

Here is the full support page for the Calendar.

Into video for the calendar.

Here is the full support page for the Workout Creator.


Ahh! What a clown!! I’ve been trying to do it on the app!!!


That function is coming to the mobile app, just not available now.


That’s great news! Will it be purely web-based and not an Adobe AIR app? :pray:


Sounds like it’s headed to the web (based on a prior post).


It will live on the web and in the desktop app natively.


Is there any way to edit a ride within the app???


Not yet


A lot of things still yet to come then???


Great article. Thanks for sharing. :+1:t3:


For individual rides, yes… But if trying to track an aggregate like miles is a way to check year over year progress and consistency.

BTW, only reason I’m bringing this back is I just saw this on my feed… There’s no way I’d get this kind of mileage out of this power.(I use a speed sensor with rollers)


Even correcting to W/kg, that sort of power for me outside and that kind of elevation change would still be significantly less than 20 mph without getting the draft benefit of riding with a pack.

All indoor miles are subjective.


Which is why I have moved to tracking hours rather than miles this year.

If I turn East out of the house it is hilly (think Ilkley Moor) and a 3 hour ride might give me 42-45 miles. If I go West it is flat and a 3 hour ride could give me 50+. It sounds daft but I was often picking West just for miles. Now it shouldn’t make any difference when counting hours.


Is that a Zwift ride? From my few rides on Zwift the figures it gives me seem to roughly equate with my outdoor numbers on a full on TT bike and gear.


I think you need to take the miles/pace with a little bit of a pinch of salt on zwift. You need to remember there’s no wind etc.

However, the actual efforts required in racing on zwift compare pretty accurately to the efforts required for racing IRL.


@Mark_Rebuck, the red/green issue for folks that are colorblind is unfortunate. Have you asked TR to alter the interface to use different colors (or give users the option)? Seems like it could be an easy fix, but something they’ve overlooked.


That’s my point, no wind, no tar and chip and the benefit of a draft during large periods. The notion that zwift miles are more “real” than anything indoor is quite subjective. Someone outside could just sit in during a group ride and do no pulls and get a decent amount of miles with no real work involved.