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Also important to keep in mind that if you’re new to weight training or have taken a lot of time off, you’ll experience a huge amount of initial improvement/strength gains with even relatively little volume…AKA “noob gains”.


Lots of structure and video for instructions. Varied programs.
MTB strength systems


So if I heard correctly, it is okay to get off the trainer and jump right into strength training as long as it isn’t leg strength workouts. Is this correct? What I used to do and it seemed to help but since I was only at 250 FTP and in ssbmv2, I didn’t know of it was going to hinder my build phase and stopped weight training for various reasons but would like to start again. So I used to jump off my bike do some weight (arms, shoulders, abs or chest) workouts then some short yoga for stretching and balance. So my question is, no harm in continuing this through build and specialty?

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We don’t know for sure. As far as AMP-K and MTor it seems like it might be OK.

For me, I’m doing maintenance work (low volume, 5 rep range) while “in season” training.


I totally get the fact that most of the things during a road race does not go as planned. So Coach Chad says that we need to be capable in both short power and time trialing in order to attack and close gaps. To do that, I am assuming that the build phase to achieve that is General Build. My question is if we need to be capable in various aspects like this why is there a need for an explicit short power build and plans similar to that? @Nate @Jonathan @chad

edit: I am planning to do the General Build as my build phase and I am open to doing short power build aswell. I would like to know what are the differences and then pros and cons of these.


It all depends on what you want to be the best at.

If you’re a short track MTB rider, a cross racer or a punchy crit racer then short power is probably better.

General build is good for most everything else.

Sustained build is best for time trialists or riders who want to win on solo breakaways.

And just because you do sustained power it doesn’t mean that you won’t have any punch. It just means you’l probably be relatively better at riding at long periods at threshold compared to 1 minute power.