Wipe sweat off bike after each use on trainer



My solution is an old bike as a permenant trainer bike - I don’t sweat the sweat! :grinning:


I’m going to put plastic wrap on my bike… just kidding.

I’m a salty sweat-er… so I put a towel over the front end of my bike.

My husband’s a professional race mechanic, so he keeps an eye on things… I’m hoping to learn more about bike maintenance, as it’s turned into a learned helplessness situation when he goes away for work.


‘Lemon Pledge’ was old school approach for steel frames. Use 'Pedro’s Bike Lust ’ ( doesn’t leave oily film} today or water. Need to get salt off bike every time, toxic!


I give mine a 10 second spray with the hosepipe. Job done.


I used to…and I have a sweat guard.
Now I’ve got two very large fans that blow like crazy right at me…I don’t drip sweat anymore because the sweat evaporates so quickly with huge amounts of wind coming past me.


I bought 1/2 dozen cheap hand towels from Ikea and I use them as workout towels. When I’m done riding I rinse one of them and give the bike a wipe down after every ride.
This works way better than baby wipes.