WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Mhhh. :blush: That sounds disgusting. I’m interested. It would be the last day of a bloc. Next week would be recovery week. The day before I’m working hard and won’t be home before 1am. I’m not sure right now but I’m really interested.


- @tophermharris - 11 am EST


Got you added.

Yes, I had the am/pm incorrect. I updated it to PM. Thanks for catching that :smiley:


Got you added.


@mcneese.chad Think I am going to try for 7am EST (12 pm GMT). Thanks


I wonder if a Doodle pool or a Google form would be a good way to organize when everyone is starting and “register” people/t-shirt interest? @chad @Double-A thoughts?


First test: can you figure out what time GMT is relative to your time zone when you want to start beating the crap out of your legs. I’m probably 11 AM GMT.


Got you added.


09:00 GMT for me. John Hallas


Welcome to the team!


Got you added :smiley:


Love this idea


@chad Count me in for 9am GMT (4am here in Ontario but I like early starts :slight_smile: )


Cool idea - in terms of the shirts, those will be available for purchase and totally up to folks if they wish to buy. All proceeds would go to a charity - I’m thinking World Bicycle Relief. Just waiting on samples of the shirts to arrive and if all looks OK, I’ll go ahead and post a link.


@mcneese.chad, I’ve decided I’ll be starting in the 9am GMT group (it’s 11am in Finland then), could you update that for me?

  • Janne Seppälä


probably not a good idea, never had session over 2 hours indoor…but i am in :slight_smile:

will probably start at 8am GMT (Belgium) and try to convince some friends and stream the whole thingy on


Not that I’m counting, but…

Can you put me down for an 0600hrs GMT (UK) start please Chad.

Possibly another streamer…I just need to suss how to do it.


Been watching the thread for a while, trying to decide if this is a good idea or not…

Go on then, count me in. I’m in the UK so 9am GMT please.


OK, I think I have the recent times added. Please check and let me know if I missed you or made a mistake on the time slot.


H. Count me in also. I’m in the UK, so i’m probably going for a 6.00 AM (GMT) start. Saves the obvious disapproval and the ‘your mad’ look from family!