WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Got you added.


Great training room. Better than the ‘garage’ i have. Same 6 AM start here. Good luck.


All sounds good to me. Thanks for taking lead on this.


Will we be Zwifting or is it user choice on entertainment during this sufferfest?


I will likely be Zwifting. I wanted to see who was riding when, and maybe I can see about getting one or more rides posted on the Zwift side of the world. Possibly a group ride or group workout. Each has pros and cons and I don’t know what would be best.

In either case, I am hoping we can all use the Discord voice and text chat throughout the day to keep in touch and motivated. I like the Zwift idea, but it might be tougher to wrangle that together, while the Discord should work well all day.


Here’s a super rough concept of a sticker.

I thought a big “D” for Disaster and the cracks in the subtle shape of “W’s” would be a clever way to focus on the main name of the terrible workout, and the idea of the name cracking it. Thoughts?



Godfather Saga for me, or maybe the Ten Commandments. Or wait, the Woodstock documentary would fit perfectly! :blush:


That’s cool @mcneese.chad! Want me to polish it up a bit? Can add to shirt.


For sure, take a stab at it. I just did a super simple MS Paint version and took all of 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be interested to see where you end up with it. Adding to the shirt would be a nice combo.

I plan to do a much cleaner version in SolidWorks modeling. I just wanted to get some feedback and see if people like the idea, before spending time on a “bad” idea.

I picked a single color to be easy for a vinyl cutout machine and minimal weeding time.
(and saying that makes me want to tie the lower ‘W’ into the counter on the ‘D’ to make weeding even easier, with 2 steps instead of 3)


Make an stl so we can 3D print it!


I can provide a 3D file for sure. Never though about that, but I love the idea.

Might even be able to steal some time on the printer at work. Gotta ask if I can run personal projects and pay for the material… :smiley:


Just scheduled this into my calendar. So on the run in - do we have any sort of agreed strategy? I will be SSB high vol 1 by that point.

Normal plan but with Friday off? Wondering if better totally off Sunday or if something like 30min Dans would be an idea? Monday off then just see how it feels from there?


@mcneese.chad what about finding a location and setting up the big screen for the day? Gotta be a cool way to project something for the stream! Just a thought.


I’ve lurked on this thread for long enough! I’m in. 9.00am GMT


Interesting thought. Gotta think about how that could work and where.


Got you added.


I am following a normal plan. So off Friday and off Sunday or short recovery at most. Off Monday.

If I’m feeling fatigued, I may pick a milder version of Thursdays workout to be ready for Saturday.


I’ll be in the middle of “off season” low volume maintenance. I’ll just equate it an “outdoor” ride on my end.


Just stopping by to count me in! 8am MST.


Wait… there are coffee, photo, snack, beer, and lunch breaks right???