WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Okay, now I’m in…that thing looks sweet.

Are we allowed to cry in discord? Asking for a friend.


Awesome! When you’re sweating, no one can see you crying. Latest design (will be available in a variety of shirt colors and fabrics):


Love it!


Added half disaster to calender but when i go to app to open up workout it takes me back to the calender. Any idea what I’ve done wrong?


Not sure. I just loaded the workout manually (not from the calendar) and it seemed to launch OK.

So, maybe load it by accessing directly from the “Workouts” menu, not Calendar.


The half fits in pretty well actually. I dropped it in for my saturday ride two weeks before (dec 1st), dumped the thursday ride that week, and moved the wednesday to Thursday.


I’m probably doing something stupid, but when I search in workouts only the original disaster comes up. Do I need to copy the link you posted for the half and save it somewhere?


Not sure. That’s why I posted for people to try to access it when I made it yesterday.

Others said they could see it with not special steps (after I had “published” it with the Workout Creator).

Make sure you are connected to the web via one method or another. Maybe try a search via TR website and add to Calendar from there? Then see if you have it in the app.

What platform are you using (PC, MAC, Ios, Android)?


I’ve tried android and pc. I opened the link you posted above and then selected add to calender. It appears to be added fine when viewed on web site but then in the app when selecting the workout it directs back to web site


You tried searching both Android and PC, with nothing other than the original found in both Workout sections?


I think folks can get to it via the link you created but they get this when they click on it in calendar rather than workout loading. (I’m using iPhone)


Interesting. That is partly what I was wondering and worried about.

Has anyone been able to load the workout and actually launch it?

If not, I can make a “Team” and try to add it there, to see if that works any better.


Yes both


Yea this is what I see when trying to open in training app. Happens with pc windows, android and kindle fire


Can you add me as I would be game to do it. I believe I am added to the teams link also. username ericallenboyd


I created a Team and added both workouts. See if this works.


Sorted now, loaded up ok. Cheers.




Yes i am on there now. Thanks. I will probably do the workout at 6am est and only the half for now. Maybe the whole but put me down for the half for now.


Got you added.