WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


In. I would like to do one before Thanksgiving and another before Christmas. I usually do a few hours of trainer and 30-49 minutes of lifting. I started when I was nearly 200lbs. The family has given me the hours to get my workouts done pre brunch. Post dinner, we go on a 5 mile run as a family. Granted, it is a tad slower than it used to be but it gets done. Pretty much opposite of a typical American Holiday. #disaster


I love the idea of this but not sure at this point whether I can make that day. Thanks @mcneese.chad for the inspiration and for the disaster-half - should be a great varied weekend workout




I love this kinda type 2 fun.
In Mountain Time zone so would like to start at 2pm GMT


Got you added, @tbulger.



Why do we need to register? Can’t you just add the workout to the calendar? Is TR doing group rides now?


No need to register, really. It’s just for fun.

We are trying to make this more of a “group” event considering how challenging the workout it.

Build a bit of comradeship and share the pain in an effort to make it through the whole beast.


Gave the half a bash today, full fat version gonna be fun.


Nice. :smiley:
I think your the 1st to do the Half.

How did you feel during & after?


Fine during and after. Hit the numbers ok. Having said that I think the full version with longer intervals is gonna be an entirely different story


Ha, I did the Half this morning too! Absolutely killer workout, and I love how it’s broken up. I think the full deal is going to be a behemoth of a workout, but doable—the thought of doubling some of those harder intervals is pretty intimidating, though.

The Half may be one of my new favorites. 2:30 that doesn’t feel at all like it’s that long. Already looking forward to doing it again.


Straight through? Any break? Considering it


Stopped once to take a pee, but otherwise straight through (save for the normal “stop and stretch my legs” breaks that take about 10-15 seconds). I had about 3 minutes of total stops.




That’s awesome, Cameron. I’m excited this is working for a prep and a workout on it’s own. :smiley:


Count me in. 12pm GMT


Got you added.


Literally all of us


Well done, sir. Well done. :stuck_out_tongue:


@mcneese.chad I am in for 9am GMT…