WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Hahahaha! Amazing.


@mcneese.chad go on then, add me as another Brit at 9am GMT.

I’ll need to ensure the preceeding evening at a street food festival focuses mainly on food, and not beverages :joy:


I’m in for 08:00 GMT


NFW am I doing 4:15 on a trainer… EVER! Not sure why anyone would want to.


Got the most recent three added above.


Like any other challenge in life… to see if we can do it.


Because it’s better than shoveling snow


Never done anything longer that an hour 45 minutes on a trainer. I’m in…


Hi you crazy fools count me in I’m working in morning so I’ll start it at 1pm GMT. Not done anything over 1.5 hrs so this will interesting. Do people think it’ll be acceptable to have a few short breaks to ease the under carriage and stretch legs?


Yes definitely. As @mcneese.chad has said in this thread - it’s not about strict when and how exactly - just about getting it done. I’ve only done 2 hours and can def imagine there will be a need to get off the bike a few times.


Yes I have never done anything over 1.5 hours on the trainer also and intend to take some very small breaks (refill bottle etc) I was also considering a change of bibs halfway through to see if that helps with my comfort over such a long duration


Got you added.

Yup, as others shared, do what you need to do. Just accepting this workout is a challenge. I want to encourage people to try something big and a bit scary, but feel free to use breaks as needed.

4 hours on a trainer is no easy task, especially with this workout. Also consider doing the Dusaster-Half workout I made, for a test.

It is exactly half of the work intervals for the big one, and will give you a good taste of what is to come in the full.


@mcneese.chad I have the half disaster as in my calendar 2 week before the big one.@mclaren121uk that changing of bibshorts might not be bad idea half way through. @jonbar25 yes I’m probably thinking once an hour after the 2hr mark.


I am in for starting at 2pm GMT (9am CDT for me). Definitely going with the donuts to get me through it!


Got you added and made other revisions to the OP.


Let’s go for it. I will start at 6am Central European Time. Can’t wait begging for the finish. :slight_smile:


Got you added. Welcome to the pain :stuck_out_tongue:


Greetings. I received all the samples for the WWDD swag. The graphic renders best on dark fabrics, so I think I will provide options for black and navy blue. Please note that the black shirt is a slightly older design and does not contain the WWDD logo at the bottom, but it will be there in the final. It also looks good on white, but white tees ultimately end up in the rag pile. FYI that these samples are your standard, cheap-o Hanes tee shirt, but I assume and hope it also renders cleanly on the other fabric options. Stay tuned for the listing where you’ll be able to purchase directly. Proceeds will go to World Bicycle Relief. Thanks.


LOOKS AMAZING!!! :smiley:

Count me for one in Black-Large for sure. (I like the one without the “D” logo in particular)


I’ve been following this thread for a while, not sure I’m up for this level of crazy just yet. But the desire for one of these t-shirts is pretty high. Great design work.