WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


It’ll be a black medium for me :+1:


Gotta have the blue T (on right) to support this epic craziness! Almost certain I won’t have time to join the epicness, but want to support y’all in spirit and wear it on the day. Having done Traditional base1 indoors, I salute everyone riding this and rest assured many of you will walk away muttering “what the heck was I thinking?!!” (the defining moment of every epic ride!)

What is the orange/red logo at the bottom of chainring? Still scratching my head, but I like it and it looks fast LOL.


Original post edited for clarity. Logo at bottom is:


I haven’t read all the posts, so I apologize if this has been mentioned already, but it would be nice if there is a leaderboard based on how long it took people to finish! That way, it’ll keep me from taking a long break. Different badges for people who finished in 4:15 hours, for those who finished in 5 hours, etc.


I never wear t-shirts (one of my many quirks) but sign me up for the navy blue. Looks ace.


Thanks. I updated the original post, but folks will be able to purchase the shirts directly. I’ll post a link when available. :blush:


I understand the desire, but we are stopping short of making this a “competition” between riders.

Completing a workout of this length and intensity is enough of a challenge on it’s own. And I don’t want people feeling “down” because they chose to take a few breaks vs someone doing it in one shot.

This is about encouraging people to take on a big & scary workout, and doing what they can to get through it. The desire to share the pain is mainly focused on giving people more incentive knowing that they aren’t “alone” in their effort.


My policy: everyone who finishes wins. Everyone who attempts is a close second. End of.


The D logo (your inspiration) is bada$$ - it’s stayin’! :slight_smile:


Awesome - glad you like, and thanks!


Copy that. I will adopt the flames too, for the stickers and part.


Sorry to be saying this, but I may have to skip this. Might be that I’ll get a new handbike just a day before this on Friday, so may be that I have a lot of fittings etc. to do during the weekend.

But, keep me still in until that is finalized.


Exactly, because it is difficult - something out of the ordinary.


I am quite sure I do not possess the mental fortitude to finish, but I am in! In the calendar.

7AM in Tokyo - 10 PM GMT, will I be all alone?


Got you added. Right now, you are the only way that time. But know that you aren’t “alone”.


In the rides Jay Petervary organizes, he calls them “pursuits”, not “races”. The logic being that each person has their own individual goals (pursuits) for wanting to do a ride, and you can accomplish those goals regardless of what your finishing time may be, or even if you don’t finish.



This was a fresh bit of hell…I’m in at 12:00 GMT for the Big Daddy


Nicely done. :smiley:
Got you added above.


Apologies if I’ve missed this but …

  1. Are t shirts availble to send to uk?
  2. If yes, how much and do we just post here size and colours?
  3. How do we pay?



Scroll up to 298 and those are the colors. Details to follow on ordering.