WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Hi. The shirts will be available for purchase from a site called Teespring. It says they do ship to EU. I’m generating the listing but it just takes a little while. All proceeds from the shirts will go to a charity. Want to make all the suffering for a good cause.


I’m in for 6am CST!


Got you added.


BrillIant thanks :+1:


Did part of Diaster Half this evening. Great workout!!


I got a bit before it’s on my schedule. But I can’t wait to try it.


@mcneese.chad I’m supposed to be recovering from my first century that I did on Sunday, but all my friends rode today and just wasn’t feeling “Lazy Mountain” which I scheduled. I only had 1.5 hours so I knocked out 2/3?? Either way, it was good. I accumulated 89 TSS for the portion I did.


Nice “recovery” ride. :wink:


Stick me down for the 9am start please - I’m in the UK.

All the best plans start off with ‘Why the hell have i just agreed to this’


I am guessing that is the same as GMT?

If so, You are added correctly.
If not, I can adjust your spot.


Yes, sorry - GMT :slight_smile:

Thank you


Ha, no problem.

My small mind struggles with all the time variations, so I appreciate a double-check to make sure I am doing them right :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to have you along :smiley:


Just added in Disaster half to my calendar! I couldn’t find a good day to add it until a few weeks from now, but it should be a nice prelude to the real thing.


Playing with sticker design:


Ok count me in ( did i just write that :wink: ) 8am GMT


Got you added.


This is so completely against my better judgement but to hell with it. Sign me up for 3:00PM GMT (9AM CST)

Do we have any official “recovery” beer recommendations for after?

There’s definitely going to be something strong in my glass after this ordeal.


Welcome to the party :stuck_out_tongue:


Go on then, I’ll do it too. 7am GMT, username dd804


Right on. You are added :smiley: