WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Thanks - though might not be thanking you a couple hours in!!!


46 crazy people so far :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thx for counting. I was wondering and hadn’t gotten to it yet.

Would be cool if we got 50 total for starters.


#47 - I’m in! :raising_hand_man:Either 6:00 eastern or 10:00 eastern, depending on what the boss says.

Also, how do we create a strava challenge? This should definitely be a strava challenge for finishing. Just like getting a finisher medal at a non-virtual event.


No idea on Strava challenges. Most I have seen are corporate.

I am working on a small Reward for 2 levels.

  1. A sticker for all who attempt the workout.
  2. An aluminum emblem / medal for all who get about 75% completion.

It may be something like the D-flame logo above.


Unfortunately my ramp test gave me a 15 watt bump to my FTP, which means this is going to hurt a lot more.

I think the biggest challenge will be cooling. I will have an AC on full blast as well as a small tower fan next to me. Even with this, after the one hour point during normal workouts A puddle emerges, my shoes are soaked and everything is nasty. Perhaps I will allow myself one to two breaks to change outfit and towels. Shoes will remain as an issue.


Yeah, cooling will be important, IMHO.

I have access to a window and will likely have plenty of cool air, along with my 3 fans.

A change of kit makes sense of you get foray soaked either way.


Just did the half. In.


Well done. I have the Half set for next weekend.


@jonbar123 I’m sure there will be overlap, but there are 38 going via Facebook and 95 (!) interested, so I suspect we’ll get to 50 starters easily.


Def sounds like it! :+1:


I still would love to hear the story of how this workout came to be in the first place. Anyone know the whole story? @chad?


This is what we already know (posted by Chad earlier in this thread)


No one wakes up in the morning and decides to make this. It had to come from a dark, painful place.


Probably before he found new life in the wonderful world of IPA’s :beer:


:joy: :beers:


I reckon we all have a celebratory toast after. Worldwide Disaster + worldwide TR toast?


In, 1:00pm or 2:00pm GMT depending on my buddy recovering from back injury, 2:00pm if he does it with me otherwise 1pm. We might do the workout in the same space if he is recovered enough.


Got you added :smiley:


Disaster half done and dusted. Loved every second of it. Roll on Dec 15! Thanks @mcneese.chad!