WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018



Way to go :smiley:


I wish I had some really exciting backstory for what’s becoming a rather epic endeavor for a whole lot of riders…but I don’t. I just wanted to put together a “kitchen sink” workout à la Hunter Allen and before I knew it, I was looking at a 4-hour monster. Half of me thought I should just delete it or break it into a couple workouts, maybe just trim it into a half-disaster like you guys have done, but I landed on just putting it out there to see if anyone was, uh…bold enough to have a go at it? “Bold” was not the exact word that crossed my mind at the time though. :wink:


What are the chances some of the TR staff joining us? I’ll send some fine Czech beers to TR HQ for those “brave” souls.


Ha, seems unlikely from the AACC guys (based on comments here and elsewhere).

Who knows if some other sorry TR soul is willing to plunge into these silly waters?


I’m not going to commit until nearer the time, as outdoor rides are at a premium this time of year between family and weather. But if I’m to be indoors that day, I will try…

I’m definitely doing the Disaster Half the next Saturday I’m forced indoors though!


If you build it they will come


can’t find the half disaster workout in the library…


Try accessing it via the open Team function:




Folks, the link for the WWDD commemorative t-shirt is live. Again, all the suffering will be for a good cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief. Give it a test and let me know if you have trouble accessing. Thanks!


hmm, classic or triblend?


Why not both? :wink:


From experience, the tri-blend are some of the most comfortable t-shirts I’ve owned. And they last a while too.


This is great…thank you! Color? Blend? This is the real struggle :thinking:


Tri Blend ordered. Thanks for taking care of that. Can’t wait.


Shirt has been ordered! Sweet!!!


hmm, why can’t I order tri-blend in navy?


Shirt ordered. Thanks a TON for getting these done (sorry for the pun :stuck_out_tongue: )


That is weird - just looked. My guess is maybe they only have those in black or white?


I dunno, was looking last night and could swear they had tri-blend in Navy. I have tri-blend TR and Tahoe Trail 100 shirts from a different vendor and they are nice.

Oh well, from the pics the fit of tri-blend looks good and vs 100% cotton they tend to be cooler in the summer. Ordering the tri-blend in black.

Thanks again for all you’ve done to make this happen!