WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


ordered. Process went smoothly except for the account creation “I’m not a robot” pics were of cars, not bikes!


Just so I’m not being an idiot … tri-blend is the premium option? Or some other option I’m not seeing?


TB is the nicest.


What I mean is the option doesn’t appear… Might be an EU thing.


Almost tantalizing enough to hook me, @zwillis1. Unfortunately (but not really), I’m doing avalanche safety training that weekend in prep for our base-conditioning trip up in BC at Powder Creek!


I believe so (that it might not be available to EU). Sorry they don’t offer that!


A likely story


Was trying to find tri blend option myself, must not be option for eu buyers


Hi everyone was going to do the disaster half this afternoon but was unable to load the ride. Not sure what I’m doing wrong , I tried to load it manually through workouts but the only that comes up is the full one. Also when I go to it on my calendar it’s a different ride and it’s complete :flushed: . Took a couple of pics as well


Maybe try accessing through the Team function. I added the workout there.


Sorted through team put it in for beginning of December cheers mcneese.chad :+1:


I completed 1/2 Disaster today. Not perfectly, but I was also doing the Zwift Fondo and staying in a pack is important. Thank you @mcneese.chad for creating this workout!! Key takeaways…

  1. If you are planning on doing the full Disaster…make sure you schedule the 1/2 before you go all in. It is like doing a 1/2 Ironman before you move up to a full. You don’t understand the suffering until you are in the moment.

  2. Make sure you get your FTP dialed in ahead of time or the 10 min and 2 min threshold/VO2 Max intervals are going to really hurt and may send you off the tracks for the rest of the workout. (Mine was a little high since I have been off a plan for a couple weeks and probably lost some fitness)

  3. Nutrition will be key! I had 3/4 oatmeal with brown sugar and dried cherries, 20oz of coffee, and 20oz of water 2 hours before. I did two 24oz bottles of Skratch lemon/lime, one 24oz bottle of water, 1 stinger waffle, and 1 pack of Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.

Have fun giving it a try! I think I am still a little scared of the full after just doing the half!! :sweat:


I did the Half yesterday too. Great comments @BrianHardin.

I think the 4x10 will be a hard start. Recovering in the endurance block and eating and drinking there will be key.

The sweet spot 85% with 200% jumps towards the end will be a treat :wink: gotta somehow hit a big kick and then recover at a not so easy level, 10… yes 10 times

I am looking forward to it, but I know there.may be some backpedaling.


Second all of these tips. I’m normally terrible with on-bike nutrition but view disaster half and full as times to practice getting it right. I managed well on the first 3/4 of the half, but slacked towards the end. The last tempo interval hurt as I ran out of gas.


I’m dreading the 4x10s more than anything else, haha. It was hard enough @ 2x10 in the half. I’m repeating the half next weekend to get a better feel for pacing/how I’ll feel.


When I did my half, a few weeks ago, the efforts seemed ‘easier’ than the recovery valleys. Don’t get me wrong, the 10 minute and anerobic efforts were tough but did anyone else get the same impression? I honestly think I was in more discomfort at the lower targets.


I have done the half several times now. I am not sure if there is a 3/4 one. So, I created one in Workout Creator. I haven’t done that one yet.


I didn’t make a 3/4, but I like the idea :smiley:


If you make a 3/4, I may try it next weekend instead. :wink:


I found the recovery valleys dragged on for what seemed like ages. I suspect I’ll be grateful for them on the full ride.