WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


I considered reducing the 8 min ones down, but left them. Might be a good change to cut them for the long run. Could set them around 5 mins and shorten the workout nicely.


Might be a good change. Especially with the mention of a 3/4 Disaster. I hadn’t planned on revisiting the workout until 15 December, but with a 3/4 option, I’m very tempted. @sonjap could you share it in the Disaster Team group?


Count me in for 3PM GMT, got a friend bringing his bike over to join the fun at 7AM PST here in Seattle


Think I’ll pencil in the Disaster-Half for Thanksgiving morning… :thinking:


Welcome to the pain :smiley:


You’re all mental :laughing:

What’s the current number signed up to do this?


I don’t have a hard count, but you can see all those planning to ride it listed with start times, in the first post above.

We are around 40-50 I think (including some from FB that aren’t listed hetr.


Huge Kudos to all of you ‘cough* nutters *cough


Sure your here now you might as well join the fun :grin:


I want to give this a go!!! Unfortunately I’ll be on a plane on the 15th but I’ve put this in my calendar for the 16th to help me catch up on my TSS lost to my weeks holiday :+1:

Not sure how much this will be a good idea at the time though :rofl::rofl:


Not a chance :joy:

My time is limited and precious. If I have a spare 4 hours I’ll be out on the MTB! :metal:t3:


In. I will inevitably be cursing you Chad . . . just know it is out of respect and admiration.


Count me in Chad for the 9am GMT slot


Got you added. Welcome to the pain :stuck_out_tongue:




I should have said I’m in the UK. In Scotland :blush:


Info updated :smiley:


After great deliberation, I’m in! @mcneese.chad can you add me to the 3 pm GMT time slot? I’m in California so will be 7:00 am PST my time but would rather do it with a few others who can commiserate via discord.

Trying to get a few buddies to bring their trainers to my place to do this but so far I’ve only been called crazy. :rofl:



Aweome. Got you added :smiley:


Disaster half is coming up for me, I should have a new fan delivered on Friday and I just bought all the bits to make a rocker plate so hopefully I’ll have the setup all upgraded before I give it a go!