WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Definitely a must to change the bibs. I wish I would have done it for the Half.


So my work Christmas night is the night before this. What could possibly go wrong?!


I’ll be at the 7 AM EST ride, following along on Dischord. Great idea smack dab in the middle of the holidays. I already had Makalu on the schedule that day, so I’m looking at it as only incrementally more difficult (that will get me in the saddle that morning, anyway.)


Snap! I was thinking about giving Disaster a miss but I don’t want to be a quitter :flushed::joy:


Got you added, 12pm GMT if I did it right. :smiley:


@mcneese.chad I made a 3/4 version of Disaster that features every interval in the full ride, just at 75% of the full duration (except bursts, which were left at the full length):

I can’t share this with the Disaster Team. Can you?


Looks great!


I just added you to admin, so you should be able to add the workout to the team workout catalog.


Nice. Thanks!


Alright, added. Should be available for anyone who wants to do a 3/4 version now!


So i did the Disaster half today. Because i didn’t know what to expect from a 2,5h trainer - ride, i lowered the intensity by 10%. I took 3 short breaks for pee and technical stuff. Had 1.5l of water and a few honey waffles.
I put my 15mm exercise mat under the trainer to take out a bit of stiffness in the setup. For the entertainement i watched the 1976 Version of “a star is born”. Nice an easy film … as the ride was.
Everything went very well.
However, i think the full version will be a complete other beast.


Just got my shipping notification for the T-shirt. Thanks again for taking care of the design and distribution. You’re a real mensch. Cheers.


I did the 3/4 version today, and let me tell you guys: the full ride is going to be NO joke. That last hard section @ 85% with 200% sprints damn near killed me. Those sprints were the hardest 8 seconds of my life, haha.

Over the 3:20, I had 2.5 bottles of Skratch, 2x bottles of water, 2x Untapped Waffles, and 1x SIS gel.

12/15 is going to be brutal.


Great work. I am dreading that SS-Jump section too. It will be a terror.


Excellent- happy to do it! Hope I say the same on 12/15


Very happy with tri-blend in black!!

Thanks again!


You can’t wear that yet!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda smells like ammonia, took it off and tossed into laundry hamper.


Looks good! And yes, I’d recommend washing before wearing :blush:


I usually do, wanted to check on the fit. Very nice :+1:t3: