WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Something actually kind of funny…

I’m a little behind on the podcast, so I just discovered the forum. Funny thing is, I have already planned a 10+ hour ride outside on December 15 (had to clear it with my wife and everything!) to help me dial in my nutrition and mental game for a 24 hour road time trial in February. The following week I have scheduled a “crash block” to lead me into the holidays and let me feel OK about not bringing the bike on vacation. I seriously considered adding “Disaster” as one of the workouts that week. I still may. Who knows!

I also just found out that the guys are doing 24 HOP also in February. So they’re training for an event in the same vein as mine. Super cool!

All this to say…I won’t be joining the Worldwide “Disaster” Workout Day. But may do it the following week. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Very cool. Let us know how it goes.

I’m behind on my trinket design. But I hope to have a small token gift for everyone who gives the ride a shot. :smiley:


It will probably take me the entire day, but I will try it. I think the 2:00 GMT group. (should be 9am in New York.)


Welcome to the madness


Got you added.


@mcneese.chad not sure if it matters, but I’ll probably start around 9:00-9:30 AM CT. I think a 10:00 AM start is just too late. I’ll probably shoot for a 9:00 AM start, but that doesn’t always work out exactly as I plan.


@mcneese.chad i suppose you should make some changes in your first post (Start Time Schedule).

At the moment it looks like I am the first one to start this effort but I am sure I will not be…
JamesJ - will start at 6 am AEDT - what is 7 pm GMT but 14.12.2018
as well as Tuomas - who will start at 7 am Tokyo which is equal to 10 pm GMT 14.12.2018

These two brave men should be listed at the top of the Start Time Schedule


Kindest regards


Are you still doing the Disaster at a different time, or not at all?
(I will remove you for now, and can add you at a new time if needed).


I still do!! Please bring me back to the list. You must have misunderstood me. :slight_smile: Sorry for my poor English.
I just meant that JamesJ and Tuomas are on the end of the list (as the last ones) and they should be at the begining of it as they will start their effort early morning (Australian and Japan Time) of 15th of December while there in Europe and America still will be the 14th of December. :slight_smile:



OK. I tried a change, but probably don’t have it right. I am no expert on this world time setup.


So there’s a gravel race I’m thinking about doing on 12/22–one week after Disaster Day. Bad idea?


Define ‘bad idea’ :grinning:


How does that race rate (A, B, C)?

  • If C, don’t sweat it.
  • If B, might be an issue, but depends on how you plan to recover after the Disaster. I’d think you can bounce back, but you should have a better idea with the partial workout tests.
  • If A, Might not be the best idea.


Definitely a C race at this point since I’m only now thinking about doing it. So it doesn’t really matter.

I haven’t thought much about my recovery from Disaster Day though, so I guess I should probably address that either way.


I’m in, but will have to do it on FRIDAY, 12/14 instead of Sat 12/15.

Did the full deal once before back in August. Was pretty successful, brutal overall, but successful. However, I couldn’t hit the sprint tags amidst the SS block toward the end of the workout in hour 3… so, that’s definitely a goal for attempt #2. Have upped my FTP by 1% since, so that could hurt a bit more too.


Cool, welcome.


I forgot about an obligation on 12/15; do me a solid and move me to 12/14? I’ll be finishing up about midnight Fiji time :slight_smile:


I’ll probably pay for zwift just for that month just so I can communicate with you guys and clock the mileage.

You could put me down for whatever time Chad is starting


Sorry, I just saw this. I will try. :slight_smile:


Got you set for 3 pm GMT, I think that is around 9 am for you?