WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Yes sir! Can’t wait! Did my first 2 hour the other day on tr and wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I’m sure it’ll get worse once I double that though haha


You can communicate through the discord chat that @mcneese.chad has setup. Link is in the first post.

I have disaster half coming up as my Saturday ride next week. Would it be weird to say I’m kinda looking forward to the taster…but also rather dreading it. Especially the 102% block early on.


I was excited for it too. It’s actually a pretty good workout.

I plan to reduce the recovery valleys a bit too. They are longer than needed for that intensity, and I can knoxk down the total time.


@mcneese.chad please add me in for Friday as well :metal:


I’m in! It’s on the calendar. My plan is to hit it at 07:00 CST, so I think that should be 13:00 GMT. Gotta get my shirt ordered now.


Got you guys added.


So the plan is to commiserate with and/or taunt each other on discord while we arrempt this?


Yeah, shared pain and encouragement is the idea. Just an avenue to try and get they it all.


This sounds like the kind of madness that’s right up my street, am a sucker for punishment! Put me down for the 3pm GMT start time
@Nate - could we get a shout out on the podcast to drum up interest from more crazies like us? Also would be great if you, Jonathan or Chad had any tips on how to survive a 4:15 hour trainer workout it would be great


Got you added.


@mcneese.chad, I will have to skip this on Sat 15th. Got a confirmation that my new handbike arrives just a day before, so presumably a lot of tuning to be done during the weekend, before the final drivetrain setup scheduled for Mon 17th.

So you can take me away from the list for December 15th.

But I’m thinking about probably trying this later in December, if and when I get through this heck of a flu I’m currently suffering.


Copy that. I pulled you from the list. But.let me know if you do the workout anytime.


Managed to do Disaster-Half today, right between SSB I and II. It was good overall, though I can tell that the full thing will be miles harder, and especially so on the mental fortitude end. I’m probably at a higher FTP than what I have set (we’ll see with this upcoming ramp test), so it was probably artificially a little easy on me as well.

Also, I got my rocker plate built this week (using your plans @mcneese.chad)! I can already tell it’s a lot nicer for these longer sessions, but mine still needs some adjustment - I’m still figuring out what works best for me for spring material and placement.


Great news on the workout and rocker. It should be a great help for all the long rides.


I think I can say “A bunch of crazies or doing something crazy” lol.


Disaster Half done today, really enjoyed it but 15th Dec is gonna be a killer; have FTP test scheduled the week before and part of me is hoping that it hasn’t gone up because it will make Disaster sooo much harder!


I did the half Disaster on Saturday and it went OK. I did find the second 10 minutes at threshold at about 45 minutes in completely stuffed me. V02 intervals the evening before was probably not the best idea.
Not looking forward to the full event but these things have to be done.


Still not committing to the full (for the same reasons, of outdoor rides at a premium if I can get them this time of year), but I am planning on having a go at the half this coming Saturday.

Was there some discussion around whether the recovery’s could be reduced a bit? What’s the feeling on that from those that have done the half? Will I be thankful for the current durations or is it worth a play with workout creator?


They felt overly long for me in the Half. I think the 8 min gaps could be 5 mins and be good overall. But I am leaving my version alone until we get past the big one. I may shorten them later because I like the workout and just want it to be shorter overall.


Here is the shorter version. Just took a few minutes to make.

Find it in the Team section.