WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Agreed. 5 minutes seems about right and I definitely want to revisit the half on a semi-regular basis through the winter.


Plug me into the 2pm GMT time slot (8am in TX). I have a feeling this is gonna hurt more than earning my century jersey in Zwift!


Got you set. Welcome to the pain :wink:


Exactly. I have an ftp test just a week before and I’ve never been so reluctant to see a bump, lol.


Yeah, tried myself, but as I’d missed the whole bit about the Team, I was starting from the full and gave up!


Guys, this is a really daft idea. The longest, hardest ride I have even done was 370KM/5500M non stop across the length of Wales with a 50/50 off road split, the estimated TSS for that 19 hour ride was… 581. And it was a brutal ride

Disaster gives you a TSS of around half that in only 4 hours. absolute looney tunes if you ask me.

@mcneese.chad I should be good for 8am GMT. :+1:t3:


Got you added to the mayhem :stuck_out_tongue:


In the words of @chad “Not all TSS is created equal.” Disaster is the fun kind of TSS, right?




Add me for 3PM GMT(9:00 AM CST). The shirt is really nice! Half Disaster went well two weeks ago and doing it again this Saturday. The 200% sprints are killer at the end. I’ve been focusing my training on getting through the 10 minutes SS intervals at the beginning and surviving the rest on clif bars, bananas, and espresso.


Got you in the list. Welcome :smiley:


Planning to ride in spirit with y’all but outside on my 70+ mile loop around the metro area. Great route with over 34 miles of uninterrupted riding on bike/multi-use paved trails along a canal and two rivers. Last year on 27 December it took 4:15:47 and TSS of 286, with very similar % in power zones as Disaster. That ride ended slowly with “another tubeless miracle” after a large >1/2" cut on rear tire sealed up and left me with 25-30psi for the final 9.5 miles.


Nice! Sounds like a decent analog :smiley:


On Strava its titled “2 Rivers & another tubeless miracle at mile 62” so thinking this year I’ll call it “Disaster averted” LOL


Ha, clever… really clever :wink:


Already have my pics for Strava!



of course all this joking around means it will be pouring down rain, and I’ll end up with my butt in a sling from having to ride the real Disaster in the garage!

The weekly “long Ride”

Does anyone think it is worth doing a Warm up prior to Disaster? Maybe Pahrah?


Not for me. There is already a 15 minute stepped warm-up. And those 4 little kickers should serve as fine openers as well. The first real interval is 37 mins into the workout, which is plenty of warm-up for me.


Your post reminds me of Phil Gaimon, the cycling cookie monster :grinning:


Workout Creator is a fantastic tool! I have been using since starting with TR 4 months ago. Lots and lots of uses from adding longer warmups and cool downs, creating your own “+1s”, adjusting intervals (both the work and the rest - a longer discussion), creating valuable snippets for skills drills (e.g. cadence ladders), and, of course, creating your own workouts. In fact, I would put the tool up there as one of highest level TR feature.