WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


This is a really stupid idea. Why am I considering it? :wink:


In the words of Mac from Super Troopers - Do eeeeetttttt


I’m in.


Mad idea for sure… please put FatherDamo2 down for a 7am GMT start! Have to amend my calendar now :slight_smile:

I’ll be using Zwift for visuals and regardless of their calendar I’ll be touring around Watopia, for those doing the same what shall we put in brackets after our usernames for identifying each other? (WWDD) ?
e.g. I’ll be on there as F.Damo2(WWDD)


Got you added.

Yeah, that tag works great.


i will try and do the half at 15:00 GMT. I always avoid 90 minute rides on a trainer and so the half will be more than enough for me.


Got you added.


I’ll be Zwifting my way through Disaster as well starting at 9am GMT, so will hopefully see you on the loop! Any idea which route you’ll be favoring? We could also see about getting a “join rider” train going and just see how many of us hop into the group as the day goes on.


The Zwift schedule has us in London.

PC and Mac users can hack if we want Watopia.

I’m open to routes if anyone has preference.


My preference would be Watopia, but happy to go along with whatever consensus is. The Pretzel? I’m still going for the Tron Bike, so as much climbing as possible! :joy:


I love the Pretzel.


Yeah, Pretzel sounds good, might get a few circuits in, fours hours in Watopia I sure we could cover every road! Might even get a quick climb of Alpe du Zwift in…

The fact its not on the calendar will ensure map isn’t too congested, will be easier spotting others, normally only get a few hundred on there when Watopia is “off calendar”

Tee-shirt ordered :slight_smile: !!


@summerson - thanks for creating Disaster-3/4. I did it today (ride is posted in Teams).

@mcneese.chad - Please add me to the 12/15 list. It looks like I will be the last to start so far . . . 9am PST.

@All Fellow TRers: 12-15 will be challenging, but fun! Thanks to all that are making this happen! and good luck to everyone, whether you do 1/2, 3/4 or the full disaster.


Nice! As far as I know you’re the only other person who has done the 3/4. It was harder than I expected, but I feel like it’s a good representation of what to expect on 12/15.


Thanks! and to you as well for doing it!


Got you added.


Did the half (short recovery). Will need to taper for it I’d say, or at least skip the run the day before (and the 6 IPA’s!). 4 of those threshold intervals is going to be “fun”!


I’m saving up all the IPAs for the post-Disaster feast.


@summerson, @mcneese.chad I just noticed in the “Workout Info:” at the top of this thread that there is no link to the 3/4 version. Maybe that’s the reason that it has been just two of us that have done it thus far :smile:


I need to add that. I will do that when I get a chance on my PC (phone only now).