WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Thanks Chad. and on a related idea . . . after seeing FB posts of folks that only know of the full Disaster and feel that it is well out of their reach/consideration, perhaps you want to consider “actively promoting” Disaster day to include 1/2, 3/4 and full, and perhaps ask Coach Chad, Jonathan, and Nate to make mention of it on the next podcast as well. Similar to what GF/century type events do with the shorter versions, it may get broader TR participation and give everyone exposure to the workout’s concept of testing all energy systems.


That’s on me. Chad and I split the updates for FB vs Forum and I’ve been slack on keeping the Facebook group up to date. Buried in work lately and trying to juggle work and training has left the FB group very behind.


Can you guys sign me up? I would go with Chad at 8am MST.

I am a bit confused as Chad is leading the pack stated 9am MST in the Facebook post…

Thx. That will be fun for sure


@zwillis1 My comment wasn’t in the least meant to be a criticism. It was my marketing hat at work (my early career) seeing an opportunity to take this suffer-focused activity and create an entire TR community-wide interest workout out of it. I think Hunter Allen’s workout is brilliant, but is limited to a small group in the outdoor cycling community. What Coach Chad did was make a workout inspired by it available to the TR community. But as is (Full Disaster), it still would have a limited scope of interest.

The larger opportunity I see is to separate the suffer component of the workout (it’s length) from the wreaking havoc component (i.e. testing all of your energy systems) that the entire TR community may “enjoy” learning doing. The way this could be done is to have a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full Disaster versions roughly equating to 1, 2, 3 and 4 hrs and then have Coach Chad, Nate and Jonathan promote it. It’s probably a bit late to do so effectively for this year, but I see a lot of potential for this in the future too much to discuss here. My suggestions above were to do the little that could be done in the remaining week (e.g. adjusting the description and have the event mentioned in the upcoming podcast (with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full options).


No worries! I didn’t take it as a criticism at all. Your point is well made and I’ve posted on the FB group essentially passing on your suggestions to the group. May repost the event on the TR Podcast group just to see if we can add a few more willing souls. I think it’s very likely we’ll have 100 or more riders on the day, which is very exciting! What started as a few of us agreeing to do something silly seems to have grown quite big!

Can’t wait!


Doesn not say TrainerRoad though


If you look in the thread, TR declined the use of the logo and, by extension I suppose, their name.


Correct. We aren’t allowed to use their name or logo.

This event is officially NOT supported by TR.


Haha, this so sick. You are crazy, guys (and gals?). :crazy_face:


Grrr! Just found out I have to work that morning. I’ll have to change my time @mcneese.chad. I’ll try to get something figured out. It may have to be Friday evening. Not sure I can get up early enough Saturday morning to make it work.


The 2 10 minute segments at 97.5 and 102.5% ruin me, especially the last few minutes of the second one.
I am thinking my FTP is set to high for current fitness as I have struggled so much on those in the last 2 weeks.


Added to above, along with the 3/4 version for easy access:

Updated December 3, 2018:

  • We are expanding Disaster day by encouraging the use of any of the Disaster workouts above for the day.
    This means you can use the 1/2 or 3/4 version of Disaster if the full 4+ hour beast is too much.
    • The central idea here is to pick a workout that stretches you to a new level of work and time on the trainer. The 1/2 version may well be double the time you have done on a trainer in the past.
    • So choose any version that seems like a challenge, and maybe even scares you a bit, and join us all in a test of ourselves.


I got you added.

I think I shifted my start time after the FB post and didn’t get it updated there. I have focused on handling this post here and neglected that.

I am sticking with the time listed in this thread, for my start time.


I got the 3/4 and open invite made for the 1/2 & 3/4 addition noted in the main post.

I may look into making a 1/4, but I don’t know how that will workout.


I don’t know whether a 1/4 version would add much? There’s a few 90 minute “Saturday” workouts that are a mix of threshold and VO2 already I would say?

I think it’s good to open it out. After doing the half on top of a “normal” week, it’s definitely a challenge as just a swap from a normal Saturday workout. I’ll definitely be looking to taper a bit if I attempt the full!


Great idea. I’m toying around with lowering the intensity 5-10% for the full.


FWIW - I think a 1/4 version takes away from the epic-ness of the endeavor. The half version pushed me to the limit on a stationary trainer (no rocker) with a great sense of accomplishment. Others may disagree but the half or greater is the way to go.


Copy that, I agree on the idea of a 1/4 being a bit low.

We will stick with the 1/2, 3/4, and Full versions.


Hi there! Plan on doing this at 0500 am, Central. I think that is 1100 GMT?! Doing the full.


Got you added.