WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Just to add to the challenge… FTP increased by 9 Watts tonight, maybe I should have re-tested on the week after WWDD :slight_smile: t-minus 11 days…


This is my plan exactly. Finish SSBII, using the rest week to taper into Disaster, take 3 days off/recovery rides, then FTP retest. :joy:


Thanks much!


I hear ya on this. When was the last time you did an FTP test? I did one about a month ago. I was not fresh, sorta burnt out, and didn’t put too much pressure on myself. If I had to guess my FTP now is probably 5-8 watts lower than what it should be and I’ve been focusing my training on these longer(10-20 minute) intervals using the Olympic Tri build high volume plan. The efforts have become easier/manageable. It still hurts but I can sustain good power throughout. I think it’s easy for us idiots(we are doing disasters after all) to push way harder than we need to. Good Luck!!


I got sick last Monday and hoped to be into my first week of base, but that is not happening. I have now pushed my Base back 2 weeks.

I hope to start with a Ramp Test next Tues. But that means hitting this Disaster with 3 weeks post blood donation and nearly to 2 weeks of sickness. I am seriously beginning to doubt if I can be ready for this beast, even with a very likely reduced FTP assuming I can test next Tues.

I will keep the group updated, but wanted to give a heads up as I am starting to get worried :frowning:


Do the half!


Would be a real bummer not to have you…


Hey Chad, Health 1st! Being the “co-father” of this event, I am sure you are dying to do it. But doing it on the 15th makes no sense if it will set your health back. As you (or Zach) said earlier, anytime during the month of December is fine. If the 15th doesn’t work out for you, you can cheer us on and then we’ll watch for your subsequent attempt.


Bummer, Chad. You know, something tells my I may not finish the thing either, but c’est la vie. That said, remember all this is for “fun” and a good cause. To the group, If you have not yet bought a Disaster T-shirt, please visit the link. All proceeds go to World Bicycle Relief. Thanks - and feel better @mcneese.chad !


Liked your work so much, I ordered two :grinning:


Just placed the order. Thanks for the reminder. Great idea, Great design, Great charity. Thanks for your work to make it happen.


Thanks guys. I will most likely still be able to do that 1/2 or maybe even 3/4. I will see how I improve over the week. I mainly wanted to give a heads up so I don’t drop a bomb and bail out after helping get this whole thing going.

For sure, if I don’t get the full no the 15th, I will fit it in in the near future.


I really wanted to try the full but really have the feeling I’m getting in over my head.

Also my wife has just informed me she is playing in a Christmas orchestra on the same date and likely needs transport to town. Right now my choices are start earlier (probably 7am GMT) or maybe do the 3/4. Decisions decisions.


Exactly. @mcneese.chad Rest up, get better. Even if you can’t manage it this time around, there’s always next year, right? :joy:


The tshirt is my Christmas present to myself!



How about Dec 31st?

About 15 years ago I had a monster solo event that I hadn’t yet done and really wanted to do - climbing Mt Haleakala (36mi; 10kft climb). So on Dec 31st I did it and still have the vivid memory (and picture) of standing at the observatory with my bike over my head.

1st best choice is do Disaster with the group. But doing something epic on the last day of the year also has a very special feeling . . . and I’m quite sure that we would all applaud your effort.

Just a thought.


That could work, but I have to see how the family plans around the holidays are set. That is the nice thing about the 15th for me, wide open.


What ever you can do man, one for all and all for one.


@mcneese.chad FWIW: I was with my family (5 of us) plus my wife’s parents. It was amazing how supportive they all were knowing how important it was to me. and it certainly gave us something additional to talk about as we celebrated the new year.


Mine is as well. But a planned visit by people from out of town with limited time in the area is the real issue.

We do our alternate Xmas on New Years Eve, so I don’t think I want to go into that smashed from what the big one will likely do to me.

I have the entire week before off from work, so I may be able to fit it in, just not on the 31st.