WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


I am going to hack to Watopia and Loop Volcano 25 times and the go from there.


That’s a good one, especially if you haven’t gotten the 25 Lap badge.


As the day gets closer I’m getting more and more anxious. I had a bout of poorly timed illness that derailed my planned 1/2 disaster attempt 2 weeks ago.

Luckily I seem to have fully recovered and I’m going to try the half this saturday. I’m hoping that’ll give me an idea of what to expect and some insight on how to handle my nutrition.

Good luck to the ever growing number of fools out there :wink:


I’ve a few workouts planned this week and I’m going to start tapering a bit next week… my view is if you had a Marathon next Saturday I wouldn’t be doing a half Marathon the weekend before, but everyone is different and I respect others in the way they prepare for this.

For me it will be case of sucking it up on the day… I’ll either get through it one way or another or not :slight_smile: Do find these types of events more of a mental battle than physical one, fighting with the mind, over quitting, turning down the intensity or back pedalling because something hurts, is unpleasant, it aches, its numb, its painful… I know my mind will come up with another 101 excuses during the event to make it hurt less !!!


Thinking an opener like a Truuli (or minus version) for Friday?


After completing the Disaster Half (Short Recovery) last night, i am in for the full at 11AM GMT (6am EST)!


Got you added.


I like this. I’ll rename mine to -1 now.


Count me in 8am EST


I had considered it as not a bad bet.


Got you added.


T-Shirt received tonight, looks great thank you to Double-A’s design skills.

Will wait until after the event before I put it on… it will have to feel earned :wink:

Reference doing it on Zwift, think I’ll do same as BrianHardin suggested, loop volcano 25 times for badge before venturing off. (approx 7min per lap will mean best part of 3 hours orbiting!)

That way there may be more of a chance of meeting up with others doing the event on the day.


Oh man, I’m in ! This will be the worst thing I’ve done in 2018, I’ve only ever survived up to 90min on the turbo so it ain’t gonna be pretty. I’m new to this forum thing so don’t quite understand it. Can I just do it anytime on the day (in the UK)? And #disasterday on Strava?


It’s nothing as formal as hash-tagging, etc. Just knowing you’re in is enough…good luck and post a photo (if you wish) and don’t forget to get a t-shirt (at the top of the thread - proceeds go to World Bicycle Relief).


I am in the same position. I have always looked at improbable odds as a fun challenge but I am a little worried since I have never gone beyond 90 minutes on the trainer. As of this moment I am still on the fence mostly due to fear of wrecking my knees.


@RipVanWinkle and @Simon_Thomas If you’re not sure you’ll be able to handle the full, you could try either of the half options. There is a half long-recovery at 2 hours 30 minutes or the short-recovery at 2 hours 15. The point of the day is to do something that’s beyond what you’ve done before.

You can do it any time on the day, but several of us are starting off together at set times. I’m leading the 10am CET (9am GMT) and there are about 10 or so of us all starting at the same time. But there should be people doing it all through the day, so start when it’s convenient for you.

Also, you don’t need to do the whole time non-stop. I know for a fact I’ll have to take at least a nature break or two and to refill bottles, etc. Even if you get off, stretch, eat something, etc. as long as you complete more than you’ve ever done, you’re a winner.


Thank you, it’s on my calendar so it’s gonna happen :+1:


The Half isn’t to be sniffed at either. I have done as long on the turbo, but it was definitely a step up (as the longer stuff has previously been mainly endurance).


We now have an easy way to do group rides in Zwift.

I plan to test this to make sure, but may use the new meet up feature for my Disaster ride

One possible issue is that it probably only works when following the schedule, which would mean using London.

We cans.still hack into Watopia and just lap around the Volcano too. But this is a nice new option.


Thanks for sharing that, never been on zwift upto now but hoping to get it sorted this weekend for a one of on Disaster day.