WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018



OK, I’ve ordered the T Shirt, I guess that means I have to earn it now… Aiming for a 09:30 GMT start on the 15th, if @mcneese.chad can add me, please? I’ve scheduled the full… :scream:


Got you added.


I’m in Ireland, if that’s being tracked at all!


I like that Nate is the easy one…


I’m sure @Nate wouldn’t mind, since those just coming off being sick could give the half a try.




Totally appropriate :joy:


I reckon length of workout equating to height fwiw :smiley:


Version 3 upgrade looks good and think it’ll work well if you can exclude seeing others who aren’t in your group, because I imagine London on Saturday will have around 5,000 users. There are other little hurdles, like having to follow others, hope your testing works well.

Think I’m still going to do the Volcano, I was on there tonight, only around 20 of us orbiting the volcano and around 250 total in Watopia.

Was very easier to see others doing the Volcano orbit and work out what intervals they were doing. The 4.1km per orbit will ensure we won’t get separated for too long as we’ll probably be doing different intervals at different points. Also people can join at different times in the day so we would still be able to track/support each other.

I’m hoping to see at least one other for that painful 4.15hr game of leap frog :wink:


@mcneese.chad I just saw that feature realeased today and got excited but after checking, it is tied to the calendar.


I will put Disaster in my name for the day!


I think the hack and Volcano makes perfect sense.


I think I already knew that but I keep focusing on the full ride, thanks for the reminder! I think I may have already decided that I would try the Half-long but somehow forgot that I had convinced myself already haha.

I will most likely do it 8am Pacific standard time.
** If there are any others local to the Easern SF bay area we should celebrate with pizza or something!


After just finishing the Disaster-Half (Short Recovey), I can almost positively say I will not have the mental fortitude to finish the real deal. That second threshold was bad, but the real killer was the tempo/sweet spot with the intervals in the end. I completely missed the first one as my NEO cranked up the watts.

  • I took one break after the endurance block, changed kit because I was all drenced
  • Drank about 4 liters of fluid
  • Had a small bowl of oatmeal and hour before and perhaps like 200kcal worth of carbs during


I heard about ‘Disaster Day’ on the podcast. Dec 15th is the day after my birthday, so I might not be in a fit state to join you all on the day. I’m going to have an attempt this morning instead, but I’m treating it as a reconnaissance mission for a full go on the 16th. I had a huge bowl of porridge this morning, and I’m due on the bike about 11:15am (GMT). I think I’ll need to change bibs at least twice during the ride, as well as use the bathroom, so if I make it, I’ll be done around 3:45pm. Is everyone on here attempting it at 100% intensity?

The past couple of years I’ve done 4 hourish trainer riders along to Paris-Robaix, treating the cobbled sections as threshold intervals, so I’ve got some experience of long sessions.

However, I’ve been running a lot more than cycling recently. The four 10 minute sub/supra threshold intervals at the beginning terrify me.

I’m scared. You guys are insane. In the best possible way.


I’m planning on the full at 100% intensity. Will almost certainly have to take breaks, but I’m not sure about all the bib changing people seem to be planning…


It’s the lack of wind/air circulation on a long trainer ride. During the Paris-Roubaix ride above, I had to change bibs at least once. Otherwise, I feel like I would have chafed everything that is sacred and holy until it resembled mince meat.


I’m going to attempt this one as a long endurance event that I’ve never done before. So I’m going to lower the intensity by 5 to 10% and adjust it later on, depending on how I feel. In real life I would also plan to survive this race, not win.


I’m an hour and twenty five minutes in. Got the last 10 minute threshold interval coming up. Legs already in trouble. Going to be touch and go. Muscular endurance definitely my weak spot. Il Lombardia keeping me going. Pinot crushing it better then I am!