WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


Allez allez allez!


I think we’re all aiming for survival.


I stopped (a mess of a man) two hours in, but will be back again next week to try and complete the whole thing. Lessons I learned:

  • I’m not in good enough shape to complete this at 100%. Going to dial it down to 90% next week.
  • I made it through the four 10 minute threshold intervals at the beginning, but made a big mistake - I ground them out as big gear intervals in an attempt to keep my heart rate down. It utterly destroyed my quads. The next section (the 45 minute interval around 70% of FTP) was a nightmare! Even though my heart rate was top of zone 2, my legs were screaming. Normally, that’d be a cinch. I’d really recommend a higher cadence for those four 10 minuters.
  • I probably need to improve my mental strength in the coming week!

This is a HARD challenge at 100% of FTP. Really hard. Best of luck, everyone!


Great effort, Conor! I found the same challenge during the The Nate (the unofficial name for the 1/2 Disaster) about a month ago, so I’m going to dial it back 10% next week.


Mission accomplished!

Had to do it a week earlier than the big day due to work commitments.

What an insane way to spend a Sunday morning :joy::joy::joy:

Up at 05:00 (GMT).

Breakfast: 100g porridge.

Made up 3 x 750ml bottles with 30g carbs and a Zero tablet in each one.

Made up a fruit and protein smoothie for recovery at the finish.

Started workout at 08:00.

Gel at 48 minutes.

10 minute break at 1hr 42m. Had a gel, took on my second bottle.

10 minute break at 2hr 35m. Had a couple of fig rolls and a double espresso.

10 minute break at 3hr 4m. Had a gel, took on my third bottle.

10 minute break at 3hr 46m.

I took a couple more breaks than I’d scheduled but I have no shame in doing so! When needs must.

Tips: Plan your nutrition and hydration ahead of the workout. Schedule some breaks, and be prepared to take more if you need them - I scheduled two 10 minute breaks and ended up taking four ten minutes. Spotify is your friend!

Surreal moment #1: The Velvet Underground’s “Heroin” playing mid-way through the VO2 max intervals (it’s on one of my playlists).
Delirious moment: singing along to Country Joe and the Fish’s “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die” (“whoopee, we’re all going to die!”) midway through the workout.
Surreal moment #2: The Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs” playing during the cool down (“I am tired, I am weary, I could sleep for a thousand years”).

Good luck, to everyone who’s got this insanity to come :smiley:


Chapeau! First finisher!


Count me in. Planning to start at 9am MST which works out to 4:00pm GMT. Guess I should start tapering.


Kudos! Excellent work there fella!

Great planning there around the breaks and nutrition. The only bit I would add to that list is

Best pair of bib shorts, comfiest saddle and plenty of chamois cream :slight_smile:






Yes, it’s a tough workout, there’s no doubting that. However, if you distil it to it’s constituent parts, it’s basically just four separate workouts joined together - sweet spot/tempo/threshold, endurance, VO2 max, and anaerobic, with a good deal of time spent in active recovery. In other words, there’s nothing in there that most of us haven’t done before.

If you approach it for what it is - four separate workouts - and take a short (10-15 minute) break after each section, you’ll not go far wrong.


Got you added.


@chad could not have said it better. :blush: Thanks for this!


Tentatively planning to give it a shot…do I need a specific time? Also, if I complete can I order the shirt still? I’d feel like a poser if I failed lol…
I’m in TN so central time. Schedule is clear, just not sure what time in the morning I’ll be ready.


Of course!


I’m in. Starting at 10:00 eet in Finland.


There’s no specific time but a lot of guys are giving one so there’s a sense of community suffering. The shirt supports World Bicycle Relief, so feel free to order.


Done with the half. I cut back the intensity of one of the threshold intervals, but otherwise stuck to the plan. Not bad, coming off 7 consecutive weeks of travel.

It’s actually a pretty enjoyable workout. I may only be up for the 3/4ths Disaster next week though; we’ll see.


No need for serving a time. We’re just posting them to help people know they aren’t alone.

You can use the Chat app for live discussion during as well.


Yo, I finally made it over here from Facebook. I’m still in on this, for sure. I live in North Carolina, so my time zone is GMT -5 I believe. I get off work late, usually 12 am to 3 am local time, so I should probably get some decent sleep before hopping on (especially considering I haven’t done ANY bike rides in like two months or more). I’ll definitely do the workout though, but probably not until at least 1 pm local time, so 6 pm GMT or later. I see there is somebody starting it at 7 pm GMT, so maybe put me down for that time so he’s not all alone! So glad to see this event has gotten so much interest!