WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018


@Double-A the workout is looking easy compared to the logistics!


There will be color options


Yep :blush:


Thanks! I’m doing traditional base and this coincides with my last week before moving to build. I’ll do the ride if I get a hall pass!



Not to be a party pooper… But did you see this dudes doc on YouTube?!
Triathlete dude does 5hr trainer workout once every week prescribed by his coach.

Full disclosure I am not doing disaster! A 1.5hr trainer workout is an achievement for me lol


available for UK delivery ? :slight_smile:


Looks great… I’m almost looking forward to this :joy:


Great question. According to the site, yes.


People have done over 24 hours on a trainer and virtual Everest attempts.
I simply don’t care what anyone else have done.

I’ve done 2 virtual century’s and both were over 5 hours. No small feat on a trainer.
I haven’t done Disaster before, so I’m going to do it.

This whole idea is a personal challenge, not some record attempt.


Last day before a rest week… Count me in.


Welcome to the madness :wink:


@mcneese.chad stick me down for 9am GMT Too. Will give me time to eat (lots) before it all kicks off :grimacing:




Seems like a real nice guy!! Will be watching out for him.


If you don’t mind . Put me down for 11am est


“Focus on your kick and pull”


There’s a @chad “Daily Affirmations” calendar in this. Every day, some new nugget of Chadian wisdom taken straight from the workout text, all on a handy tear-off desk calendar. :joy:


Though we are a long way out I would also expect to be in the 9am GMT group (though I may start a little early or late depending on the eating habits of the little miss at the time).

Shouldn’t the 12am be 12pm? 12am being 0000?


Outstanding stuff. I am in England so please put me in the 9am GMT group, although I expect to start earlier, probably 6am GMT.

The t-shirt is a great idea. Assuming I finish, I will be dealing.