Would Audible Narration be a good idea? I think so



I’m obviously not suggesting you would have to use it, but have it as an option for people to turn on or off. Either Nothing, text narration, Audio Narration or both…


We have actually discussed this. I can’t promise if/when it will happen, but it’s something we’d definitely like to add to our software. And I’m super excited to personally read 1000+ hours of demandingly motivating (I hope) instructions to y’all. :wink:


Would consider hiring James Earl Jones for voice work.


A ‘replay’ screen text button would be good. Think of your GPS has that little ‘repeat the instructions’ button.


Will we get the 3D holographic image of you as well or would that be V2 :wink:
I did try the audible beep which sounds before each narrative and still managed to miss some of them. So I would be super pleased if this happened.
That said. Your narrative just puts me in even more pain. Maybe I should turn them off :slight_smile:
Thanks for the support and brilliant product. I’ve just switched over from TrainingPeaks and TR is a world aprat IMHO.


@anyone@TR…I was just thinking about this today while following Antelope +5. As an airline pilot I enjoy using what you’ve created because it’s a little like instrument flying. Interestingly to me even after 10+ years of training/observing power I find myself fixating on the target donut, the actual power readout and time much like a pilot can fixate on one instrument when tired or confused. Not that that’s bad but, sometimes I get locked into a rhythm and just to keep my mind off the pain I look off screen and in doing so miss the text. The info you guys type in there is amazing for experienced riders and those new to training alike so an audio option in the future would make your product even more amazing.

Thanks for reading and Best Regards.


Or using Stephen Hawking’s voice :grinning:, although I saw somewhere that he was having trouble preserving his voice style as technology progressed.

I like the idea of being able to scroll back, though I find using my PC’s mouse during the workout is difficult. So keyboard control of scrolling would be best.

And a couple days ago the app displayed some text for about half a second and I was able to read about two words of it. This was obviously a bug of some sort, but reporting it to support would have taken a lot of work - you can’t just back up the workout a few seconds to see if you can repeat the bug. Text scrolling would have been useful, if only to be able to read the text.


As well as scrolling it would be nice if the screen displayed the targets we are working towards. Power is obviously there but Chad sometimes wants us to pedal at specific cadences. It would be great if that target could be displayed on the screen as well. Even if I read the text I find myself sat there asking “did he say 75 or 85 RPM for this bit”. Probably a memory problem on my part.
Another enhancement would be the option to exclude specific parts of it. For example, I am always keen on cadence improvements but my legs go straight up and down with no knee wobble. Would be nice to selectively exclude the knee wobble bits.
I’m probably getting a bit picky now but hey, I’m on a roll.