Would Audible Narration be a good idea? I think so


Seems like lot of time/work/effort for minimal benefit. Base it on the mission statement - will it make you a faster cyclist?

Also I usually am watching a film/program on Netflix and rather not have Chad talking over it.

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If you prefer to watch a film/program then I guess this feature would be of no benefit to you. Personally I try and follow the drills on the assumption that they will make me faster. The way they are done now I tend to miss bits. I wouldn’t miss it if I was listening to it.
So on the basis that the drills make you faster and I am missing some bits I think it would be of benefit. How much benefits remains to be seen obviously.

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R. Lee Ermey would have been good

Come to think about it, there is some passing resemblance…
(Mod: please feel free to remove link if there is too much profanity in the vid)


Given limited development resources, I would place this feature low on the priority list. I probably would not use it so I’d rather see other improvements first.

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FWIW, I would absolutely love to see this feature implemented. Presumably the audio could be toggled on and off for those that don’t need/want it. As others have said, when working hard, I don’t always look at the screen and am often frustrated to look up just as text disappears. I love the in-ride instructions – They are valuable advice and definitely help to break up intervals.

Moreover, I think adding this feature is very much in-line with TR’s purpose and aesthetics:

  1. The in-ride instructions definitely help make you faster. If people are missing them (and clearly, some of us are), then audio narration would help make those of us faster.

  2. TR’s approach is “bring your own entertainment”. That’s great, unless bringing your own entertainment means that you wind up missing the instructions because you’re watching something else during a ride. With audio narration, you would get the benefit of the instructions even if watching something else.

Lastly, the instructional text sends do NOT work for me when using TR on my iPad pro. The toggle is set to on, but I only get an audio cue right before an interval ends/begins. When text appears within an interval, there is no audible warning.

OK, I lied. One more comment / request: even with the volume on my iPad turned all the way up, I still find the audio prompts before interval changes to be on the low side. It would be great if you could make them louder.

That’s all!!!

Thanks for a great product. I’m a recent TR convert and I’m head over heels in love with the platform. Keep up the good work!



Oops! I obviously meant “the instructional text sounds”.


Along these lines I was also thinking it would be handy to have some sort of links to different podcast episodes that may be relevant in particular plans. Eg: I’m doing Short power build so have been going back through topics on VO2 intervals etc. I know it’s a first world request but thought it’d be handy given there is such a great catalogue of advice in the podcasts.


I would be so down to have narration! Sometimes if i don’t have an interval coming i just like to zone out on something other than my smartphone screen… I’ll usually have my tv on in the background and my headphones on, ready to turn on when it gets too hard…

Don’t remember which one it was but there was a workout getting you to go from tops to drops i think (or hoods to drops) and it wouldve been a lot easier to hear it rather than look at it.


Something I thought of while suffering through Broken Finger +1: I’d love to have a feature where Coach Chad would provide a voiceover for his workout notes. When reading them, I try to imagine his voice telling me that it’ll hurt, but only for 30 more seconds. Of course Coach Chad being Coach Chad, that means there’s still 1 minute left in the interval. In all seriousness, it’d be a super cool feature and not terribly hard to implement. I’ll even spring for the massive quantities of soothing tea required for his vocal cords after doing the voiceovers.