Would having alternative text based outside workouts (for TR workouts) be useful?


yup, but there are days I insist on taking something like 5x12’ sweet spot intervals outside, fully aware I’m likely to overcook them a bit and turn them into over/unders:

Regarding the brand, I understand your position however keep in mind you don’t stop me from making other adjustments to the plans like adding work to LV or MV plans. Last week I was tired and dropped Tallac sweet spot intervals @ 74 TSS in exchange for Colosseum aerobic endurance @ 72 TSS. And that hasn’t damaged the brand.

For users not fully paying attention to the job of “coach thyself” you could add nanny text to alert user that outside work runs the risk of veering away from carefully planned progressions of the plans (or something like that). If you do that please allow me to dismiss all future warnings.


This, all this. If I had a magic button to push for “do this workout outside”, and THEN could somehow make that appear on my Garmin Edge - I will find you, and hug you. But, until magic button, alternative outside workout text would be great, provided it wasn’t just generic intervals - i.e., matched the goal of the original planned inside workout.




Nate: these responses are amazing – you have a seriously glued on and committed set of users. Consider all this advice – and similar advice in all the other posts [to you and to other users] when you are thinking about your survey about marketing. Surely, this has to be one of the huge bonuses of being a TR user!


I wouldn’t use this because I find it hard to find a route that matches the workout enough for proper execution.

BIG ASK, but what would be really cool is if it could be done the other way around where you upload any route and get a customized workout. Obviously way more complicated.