Wrong date for workout?



Anyone had wrong date come up after a workout?
I did one this morning - recorded on Iphone which is showing correct UK time.
When uploaded to TR it’s coming up as yesterday afternoon on career and calendar.


Might be best to report to support@trainerroad.com


I had this happen and I had the incorrect time zone entered


I’ve entered a support ticket.
My iphone is in the right time zone for me.
I’m on the test prog via test flight so it might just be an issue with that.


My iPhone was correct, it was the calendar on the computer was incorrect. The app had it correct but it was the day before on the calendar on the computer.


Trainer road support nailed it (as usual)
I had accidentally looked at the workout the day before to check what I was doing and it didn’t close, so although I completed it the day after, the system still had it open from the day before. It didn’t seem to mind that I took a day to do it…