Your best bib short recommendations


I’ve had great luck with Voler.


Jonathan and my favorite are Cuore bibs.


Team stuff outside. Inside I go with The Black Bibs. They aren’t my favorite short but they are surprisingly pretty good for being inexpensive enough to buy a bunch of pairs and that makes my laundry life so much easier.


On the topic of under-carriage issues, I have a bit of the issues you mention that don’t exist outdoors as well. However, thus far I believe that it is related to the seat. When riding outdoors, unless you are doing a flat time trial, you are 'constantly" moving and won’t notice an imperfect seat as much. Not so, indoors. And following Coach Chad’s advice, you are probably spending more time aero than you would outdoors. So I am in the process of buying/testing a new seat that has the sit bones more fixed than my current road bike (Specialized Power Arc vs current Specialized Toupe) and hoping this solves the issue.


Huge fan of ORNOT, and not crazy expensive for handmade in the USA. But for me the best pair of bibs I’ve ever owned are from Search and State. They are really comfortable and extremely durable! I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either brand.


I hear you…but it’s hard to change a saddle that – quite literally – feels perfect for outside rides of 5+ hours of moderate intensity, or 2-3 hours of high(er) intensity. I used to struggle with saddles while riding outside FOREVER, and the one I use now has never given me issues.

To be fair, my main concern in perineal issues/numbness – and I don’t really struggle with that as much indoors as I used to unless I get lazy in my posture. But the soreness/chafing concern indoors is legit.

That’s why I won’t change my saddle – it’s just too good for the way I ride bike and the way I race my bike.

I’m thinking that rocker plates (as discussed extensively on this forum) are a good next step.

With that being said – I’ve identified a couple pairs of padded shorts (which are admittedly well worn) that seem to be the biggest offenders on the trainer. I’ve started using higher quality ones, and it’s helped for sure.


I’ve tried so many…my top 3:

-Cuore Gold
-Ale PRR
-Castelli Body Paint…not sure if still made? This stuff was the bomb!

Edit: need to add Eliel for the local flavor. Recommend any bib they make!
Edit 2: Shit I forgot Vie13. Maybe my favorite?


I understand. Glad to hear of the improvement with the better shorts.

FWIW: I use a fair bit of paceline chamois butt’r on my inner thighs and glutes and that helps with any soreness/chafing there.

Good luck!


I love the current Pearl Izumi Pro cut. It’s their top of the line , step down is Elite. But the pro fit , and pad is awesome. The leg bands are so wide it doesn’t cut in, but really holds well. Great Bibs try the Pro!


I have the Pearl Izumi Elite and love the bibs for indoor riding. Same comment about the leg bands being great. However, I also have the PI shorts and would not recommend them - waist is too high and cuts in. Conversely, outdoors I use Voler (our team kit) - great fit around the waist and more aero overall; but terrible at the legs (rolls up after several uses)…

  1. Assos - amazing technology and great chamois. A few different options and price points. They also have the best tights and knickers IMHO.
  2. Rapha - generally solid build quality. Some differences in fit across the line (read the user reviews on the website) but I quite like the Pro Team line.
  3. Cuore - picked up a pair of the Gold bibs are TR guys talked about them. They are quite good too and are my go to bibs for XC MTB riding. On the road bike I prefer Assos and Rapha.

On the trainer I mix it up and rotate the bibs. For long 2 hour type rides, the Assos seem to be always be the ones I have on.


I’ve had very good luck with the Endura 260 line (4 hour rides), but I treated myself to a couple of Assos bibs and they are very comfortable.


I just tried out Coure and Jackroo. Coure are better hands down. I would like to try out sportful, rapha and assos. Other than that it is all mountain bike stuff, but I have been sneaking road bibs under my baggies lately.


Gotta get that silver or gold chamois though. The bronze club level is not great for long rides.


I have used several brands during the years, but nowadays I usually wear Assos. I also have some bib tights from Sportful and Castelli for rainy days.

I find even the basic Assos Neo pro very comfortable. I also use other models, for example the equipe and the tiburu. Tiburu is my favourite for cooler days, I also have them as 3/4 tights.


Attaquer for mine. Wearing good quality gear and knicks all the time (especially on the trainer) is one of the best investments you can make for cycling happyness…for me anyway


I have been using Shutt Velo Rapide bibs for the last 2 years (disclaimer: they sponsor the team). They have apparently put quite a bit of work into it and developed their own pad. They have been my favourite bib for the past few years.


Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet, but I really like Bioracer for both shorts and everything else.


I picked up a Le Col bib short during the end of season sale and a Strava earned coupon, very good shorts for both outside as indoor rides.


I love Assos S5… I have worn one pair until the Builders Crack police point.(relegated to pain cave only). I have long spindly guns, Bioracer is my club kit and fits like crap. After five minutes the legs have raunched up and I look like an 70’s soccer player. I love the Castelli stuff too. The one time I did pony up for some nice Pearl Izumis they were even worse than the Bioracer on fit for me. YMMV.