Your best bib short recommendations


I’d suggest if what you have works and is comfortable, stick with it. I like Rapha bibs best. Our club kit is Bioracer too. I’ve not got on at all well with the bibs but the skinsuits are brilliant. So much so that I only ever race in a skinsuit now.


For me its Assos bibs I use the TMilleS7 ones, very good chamois and decent price, slightly snug on the berries but they wear in well. I really want to try their Cento series next which is designed for long hours on the bike.


Performance Ultra bibs from Performance Bicycle. I have ridden many centuries with them and no problems with saddle sores. If you watch you can get them on sale for well under $100.


Bibs hold everything in place much better - once you switch you’ll never go back to shorts. Night and day difference


I usually get Louis Garneau from their factory outlet in Vermont. If you aren’t too fussy on colors, you can get bibs as low as $20. Makes a matching kit difficult (straight black is never on sale) but great for the trainer


Get them while you can because they will either be gone or more expensive soon


The search for me ended with Assos. I buy despite the price/brand as the are just that much more comfortable for me. Only thing in their line I own are bibs. Like a different category than any other shorts. Lots of comments like “they are all the same” in here; but Assos is actually designed differently.

I used to try all sorts of shirts. Never comfortable. Assos fixes that with their floating chamois and “nest” design or whatever they call it.


+1 For Assos
Their crash replacement service is great as well. Sent 2 pairs for repair recently, 1st was succesfully repaired, 2nd was fully replaced!


Giordana - any of the shorts or bibs with the * Chamois: Cirro OmniForm. I like them better than Assos and often can find, with some effort, significant savings especially for last years team pro shorts either from Amazon or Competitive Cyclists online.


have you any links to particular models with that particular chamois in?
Always up for trying new bibs and I do like the look (and price) of them.


Our club kit is from Voler and I’ve also picked up the Black Label version (Comp HP chamois). I’ve done a lot of 4+ hour rides in them, including a couple of 10+ hour rides. The chamois on my Assos T.tiburu s7 is a small notch above the Voler, but at 2x the price (on sale!) it is hard to justify when I don’t have any issues with Voler.

#52 Peloton for a race cut, but their Énergie Elite are my go to for everything else (up to 200km Audax, and what I plan for next years 300km attempt!)


I have Castelli (Body Paint, Endurance), Assos, and Rapha. The Assos and Rapha are fantastic but I actually prefer the Castelli for most rides. I have several team and group kits in castelli, and that might influence my thinking since its what I wear most, but I do most of my training miles in black shorts and a fluorescent yellow jersey, and I still find myself putting on the Endurance most of the time.


Me as well. All I wear are Assos because they are that much better than the rest, including Rapha.


Assos gets my vote, long lasting and very comfy.

If you want something a little cheaper and just as good then take a look at Endura.


Big big fan of the not yet mentioned Fizik R3 short, wih the middle sized chamois (Chameleon/Antares)… expensive but I have 3 of 'em and they’re my goto for anything long. Team kit is made by Le Col and that pad is also really good. Tried lots of others but Fizik and Le Col are the two that have worked best for me.


You guys out there don’t have to worry about this but I love wearing bibs but this can make the toilet stop fiddly particularly in winter with lots of layers. I love the drop tails pearl Izumi do or endure with a punk zip that makes a pit stop much easier. Slightly worrying Is if the zip went when I was out as it goes round your derriere from hip to hip but no problems so far and I have worn them lots and on second pair.


Ill have to recommend these to my other half, thanks for mentioning them.


Velocio, luxe bibs are the best bibs I’ve ever been in. Signature bibs are also incredible and come with a slightly more palatable price tag.
Vermarc PRR bibs are also very nice. Be sure you find the PRR pair tho. Quality really falls off as you descend their line.


Assos for me too, usually wait until they are in a sale though ! The quality is excellent and they are hard wearing.