Your best bib short recommendations


+1 for this. The Giordana NXG are definitely worth the money for me.


I’ve found the Morvelo Nth series to be the most compressive of all my bib shorts. I also had to size up when compared to Rapha, Black Sheep, Bioracer, Velocio, etc.


Endura Fs-260 and FS-260SL


I have a pair of Assos S7’s that I use only for 3+ hr rides. They are good. So are the DeSoto 400 mile bibs.

But for the usual 1-2 hr rides, almost any big will do. I do like the Specialized bibs as well as the Castelli bibs.



I’ve got the Assos cento S7 and the Rapha CLASSIC BIB SHORTS II.

And the Rapha is just awesome in everyway :wink: !
The Assos is good for the 2-3h rides.


I buy the fanciest own-brand shorts Decathlon do. Each pair lasts a couple of years, costs £40 or so. Very good race fit, have done rides of up to 14 hours in them.


I mostly use Castelli and Ale PRR and loving them. 6hr ride and zero issues. The PRR is a tighter fit and had to do one size up (L) from my usual (M) that fits me on Castelli.

DHB is good value for money but the material doesn’t last as long IMHO…becomes a bit see-thru, so those get relegated to indoor only kit.

7Mesh is my new favourite for jersey and bibs when I have the money to splurge.


These shorts are normally 200 us dollars or more. I have bought them for 126. I found them today for 114. They are a team bib for Astana but the wording is minimal and I kind of like the asymmetric colors for the elastic leg bands. They are FRC pro fit so they are really fantastic bibs!

These are the only ones I am finding on sale. You can of course find the FRC and NXG series for full price but that is 200-350 dollars.


Here’s my contribution to the massive list of every bib short known to mankind…



Nice, I’ve found them for £37! Great price for a dedicated trainer pair of bibs


Hard for me to trust somethings on Amazon. With that price could be a Chinese knock off.


Where was that?


limited sizes but :man_shrugging:




Since a few years only assos. Great bib and fit. Expensive though…


I used to think the same. Even when I first tried bibs I didn’t really get it. But after wearing them for a few rides I tried to wear regular shorts again and they felt awful. The waistband squeezes in all the wrong places. Bibs are so much more comfortable!


I am a huge fan of Pactimo bibs. I have floated around between the DHB bibs, the black bibs, cheap aliexpress bibs, Pearl Izumi, and specialized bibs but, the pactimo bibs at any level are superb. They have some cheaper ones that I tend to buy when they are on sale as good every day bibs but, I do buy their 12-hour bibs when they have some super good sales and they are my go-to for the trainer. They are the most comfortable bibs I have worn and really make the extended trainer rides bearable and last a very long time.


Good info as I’ve worn all of the bibs you’ve mentioned outside of the Pactimos. I have a jersey of theirs and I think it’s nice quality…some local teams run their kits and I have heard good things.


I only use the specialized rbx pros. I’ve done 11 hour rides for 4 days in a row using but shield and never got sore.


I’m a big fan of local and smaller companies, so at the moment I am recommending - great shorts, but they do a full range of kit including speed suits and superb wet/cold weather gear. They are also very supportive of the local bike scene.

Also Lusso carbon bib shorts, great value and really comfortable. I can’t vouch for the V2 version or any of their others but if they are at the same standard as the carbon you can’t go wrong. Their jerseys are great as well, nice designs and a racing fit.

From the big boys my go to stuff is Castelli Volo for a mixture of comfort and VFM