Your best bib short recommendations


Assos 't equip evo. Worth the money


the best pads are from but my preference goes to castelli\sportful pads


So far I’m very impressed with the Funkier 17 panel bib. Great price on Chain reaction if they aren’t sold out


Have you tried bibs? They’re a lot more confortable (I guess just to no elastic around the waist) and you don’t get the occasional upper butt sunburn if you wear a slightly too short jersey.


@dhaines83 I have not tried Bibs yet. I may buy some soon. However I do not know what size to buy. I am 185 lbs now but I forecast that I will be at 155-160 by the end of May. Perhaps a large size?


I have 7 from various companies and my go to bibs have always been my Pactimo bibs, 8 plus hour rides with zero issues and the stitching is great.


@ktimesk More than likely Large, however it depends very much on the brand. So the best thing to do is grab a soft tape measure and follow the instructions on the website of the brand that you’re interested in. If you’re going to be using them mostly indoors, then a summer/lighter bib short should work great.

If you lose that much weight you may move down a size, but never count on that. Buy what fits currently. European sizes will typically run truer than US-based brands.


My two favorites, as in I don’t want to wear anything else.

Voler Black Label
Hincapie - Love these


Voler is one of the underrated companies out there IMO. I have a pair of Caliber bibs and Prestige Pro bibs and they are both great.


I wouldn’t recommend sharing your bibs to others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How many seasons do you think you could put into them?


Anyone try the new Assos Equipe RS bib? Sounds like they made some interesting tweaks. One of the staff members at posted some initial impressions.


Anyone tried Jakroo stuff? I know the TR kits are done through them. Curious about thoughts?



The best thing about the Pactimo 12-hour bibs is that you never think about your bibs.


I plan on grabbing some once it warms up a bit around here.


I wear Assos.




really depends on your butt.
i dont get along with Cytech chamois for anything over an hour.

my personal go to is the Rapha Classic bibs.


You might want to take a look at these: name says it all :smiley:

(I own 2 pairs of them)