Your best bib short recommendations

Does anyone know of any bib shorts that have a more classic shorter leg cut? I’m not talking hot pants, but something that cuts off a good few inches above the knee. Anything in the UK/europe would be a bonus.

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Shimano S-Phyre bibs have a short leg, which is great for me. Not sure how easy they are to get hold of these days though.


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I love my S-phyre bibs but I got them for €35. They’re not worth €250/€300 but I’d say around €100 they’re a bargain imho.

I ordered a pair of the $65 black bibs, I used them for a two hour trainer ride, they felt great and seem well made. The chamois pad is nice.
Thanks for the recommendation.


I picked up a pair of the Velocio Luxe bib shorts recently, and if the the long term review is consistent with the early returns…holy crap. They are NICE!

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I’ve gone through trying a number of different bibs over the last year and found my favorites are the Giordana Exo, Giordana FR-C (both run small, I size up one), and Chapter 3 origin (runs about true to size). All 3 are on the pricier end, but I’ve gotten them all for around half retail via sales. Following these, the Endura (tend to run a little large) are a second favorite. They don’t seem to last as long, and the chamois is a little thinner, but still pretty comfortable.

I have also tried cheapy Amazon/Ebay kits that were varying degrees of ‘ok’, the “worlds best” black from Poland, a variety of performance bike, and some Louis Garneau. All are ‘ok’ for shorter outdoor rides, but if I am on the trainer or going any longer than 2 hours, I reach for the Giordana/Chpt 3. They have the best compression, overall balance of fit/breathability, but most importantly, just have great chamois that seem to reduce or minimize discomfort over the long haul.

I keep hearing good things about Rapha and Assos as well, but haven’t tried bibs from either.

My favourite bibs I own are a pair of Endura FS-260 and a pair of Skins DNAmic.

Assos are probably my least favourite pair. They don’t seem to last as well as even significantly cheaper pairs I own and are not much more comfortable.

Curious to see what kind of bib are preferred fro rides of a 100 miles or more. I usually ride Izumi Pro but looking to make a change as they don’t fit me right these days. Thanks!

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Rapha Pro Team bibs for road, Rapha Cargo for off the beaten track. Once you find a chamois that works, you become loyal. Rapha all the way for me.

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I’ve found both Assos and Ralpha’s chamois way too bulky. I like Giordana–their new chamois is awesome and a significant improvement from a few years ago. That that was good back then. I can ride about 40% more miles without issues.

How about leg grippers? Most shorts I’ve seen and tried rely on compression over the entire leg and that silicone stickyness against the skin. When having hairy legs or leg warmers, the legs of the shorts ride up. Do you have any recommendations on bibs that are really tight right between the knee and the quad, so that they can’t ride up no matter what?

Rapha Pro Team are pretty good, especially the second version, but for long rides or the trainer I would pick Giordana every time.

I have loads of Rapha shorts and am replacing them with the Giordana FRC as they wear out.

I wanted to like the Q36,5 as the fabrics feel amazing but the chamois doesn’t really work for me. Worth a look though. .


Man, when I read this thread my thought is, “I’ve never had a chamois I didn’t really care for.” I know I generally like thinner chamois, but man… I must’ve ridden with 20 different ones over the years and I’m not sure I could tell you which one I liked best. (Obviously some of the really cheap shorts I started long ago with I’ve probably purged from my memory…)

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I tried both and prefer shorts. The straps pulls down on my shoulders and are completely unnecessary for me because my Giordana shorts stay in place.

Of all the various bibs I’ve had over the years, my overall favorites come from la passione. Fantastic chamois, good compression, and the leg grippers stay in place. Not the cheapest, but also far from the most expensive. Completely worth the price in my opinion.

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I’m hooked on my pair of de Soto riviera fli bibs. Not only do they have a great minimal chamois that I can ride 100+ miles on, but they also have good compression, breathable bib straps made of skin cooler fabric, tons of extra pockets and a way to relieve yourself on the fly!

+1 for La Passione

Great comfort and high quality finish for the price!

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I don’t see many votes for Endura up here!

Stellar bibs, rubberized legs so they don’t ride up, and most importantly: a quality, breathable chamois.

Maybe worth a look!