Your fav recovery ride and recovery tactics... And my modified petit



What’s your fav recovery ride, recover techniques, special sauce that you do to improve your recovery?! Easy as that!

After a hard crit race I drink a protein shake right away with added salt in it and a quick stretch. I use either compression socks or tight if I’m sore. Massage stick is a must, I do it more than my foam roller. Stretching. And i eat a more protein forward meals on non bike days.

My go to recovery ride is petit +1. But since I’ve been focusing on sweetspot and sustained power lately I’ve been doing 10-15 sec of sprint every 5 min during petit. The last 2 actual sprint intervals in the workout I do 10 sec at prescribed then hard 1000+ watts 10 secs. Don’t know if it actually counts as a rest day, but it don’t seem to mess with my sweetspot and threshold work out.


Good stuff, Osmond. As far as your “recovery” ride, it’s not something I’d probably prescribe to an athlete unless I knew s/he could handle it in terms of how it affects later workouts. Looks like you absorb it nicely though, so if it ain’t broke… My single recommendation would be to keep your sprints to 10s or less, try to keep them from touching the anaerobic/lactic system and the inherent acidosis but instead limit them to a point where they’re more alactically driven (CP and intramuscular ATP). And try to separate them by a solid 5 minutes (longer if possible) if you aren’t already.