Your favorite snacks


Hat are your go-to snacks? There are days and times when I am starving and ate my lunch already. There are other days when I need a little something to tide me over.

A big snack for me is jerky. Made fresh at home, low(er) cost, easy to store and unless I am starving, will hold me until the next meal.

Snap or snow peas is another one.


When I need something quick and portable I like the Larabar’s, mostly since the majority of them are only made with like 3-4 ingredients.


I love a good flapjack. Usually have one towards the end of the work day if I’m feeling peckish and know I have a higher intensity ride in the evening.


Currently trying to drop some weight so I try to build a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack into my day. Without these I’m much more likely to over eat or snack on bad stuff.

At the moment my go tos are:
Low fat plain yoghurt + dry rolled oats + honey
Boiled egg
Roasted chickpeas (with paprika)
Home made smoothies (frozen fruit and a little milk)


Pre-workout, my favorite snack is the Nature Made Fig Bars. They were mentioned on a podcast and I tried them and now addicted.

Post-workout/anytime – best snack is a hardboiled egg.

Honestly, hardboiled eggs are the absolute best weight-loss strategy than nobody talks about. Pure protein, no carbs - and they really fill you up.


Any flavors in particular? The ones I tried I didn’t really care for, but I like that it’s not so processed.


What do I do if I hate hard boiled egg!?!


That’s definitely the trick, you got to find the flavor of Larabar you like haha. My favorite is peanut butter chocolate chip. The chocolate chips help fullfil my sweet tooth.


How can you hate a hardboiled egg??

I’m on a kick where I’m eating them with really coarse salt. And I’ve also gone through a period of time where I used hot sauce, Cholula being my personal favourite. But you could also try any spice that you like to dress it up.


Apples. Crunchy, juicey apples. I’d happily eat my own body weight.


Hard boiled eggs for when I’m watching my weight

Sweet potatoes

Fresh fruit


de gustibus non disputandum est?


Apple slices with peanut butter


Chia Pudding!