Your FTP improvements

Ok new numbers. I got a new power meter, Garmin vector 3s. Re did the ramp test and got my real FTP number, I’m a little upset as I’m nowhere near as good as I thought I was.

My new FTP came in at 254 but I’m going to bump it up to 264 as I quit early when I saw what was happening.

I had been using the elite turbo power muin b+ power meter. Having researched it more after this test I have realised that at high wattage it can be out by a lot, in my case it was out by 48 watts.

So my new FTP is set to 264 and I’m now 77kg giving me 3.42 w/kg

Maybe I can get to 300 in 12 months, it will be tough.


January 2019- Started- 180
February 2019- After SSBLV1- Had no gains…
March 2019- After SSBLV2- 183 (+1.7% increase)
April 2019- stopped TR and had a month of outside rides
May 2019- Started Sustained Power Build MV1- 183
June 2019- After Sustained Power Build MV1- 207 (+13% increase)


209 FTP - 2.39 FTP/kg - Jan 22 (Start of Sweet Spot Base Low Volume)
231 FTP - 2.65 FTP/kg - Mar 6 - 10% Increase (Start of Sweet Spot Base II Low Volume)
238 FTP - 2.73 FTP/kg - Apr 16 - 3% Increase (Start of General Build Low Volume)
249 FTP - 2.85 FTP/kg - May 14 - 4% Increase (Midway through General Build Low Volume)
255 FTP - 2.92 FTP/kg - Jun 10 - 2% Increase (Finished General Build)

These numbers match mine almost exactly:
210 - Jan 6 (start of SSB MV 1)
226 - Feb 18 (start of SSB MV 2)
245 - Apr 1 (start of Sustained Build Low Volume)
254 - May 6 (middle of Sustained Build LV)
259 - Jun 3 (finish Sustained Build)

Mid volume instead of low volume at the beginning. I’d say my diet’s been fairly reasonable but similarly had some stress & not enough sleep. My weight has stayed constant. I’m also pretty happy with my progress.


Just about to start MVCP, so I did another ramp test yesterday. Not as much structure these last few weeks, but I’m happy with the improvement.


Regarding nutrition I surely can provide few tips. If you would like to cut, you need to play your “cards” smartly.

The first concept that is really overlooked in terms of nutrition is that the only factor that determine body composition is calories in vs calories out.

When I started dieting I was eating 3000 calories and cycling 3 times a week. During the first 2 weeks, I kept eating 3000 calories but I cleaned up my food. I lost few pounds just by doing that. When you stop losing weight, you just drop 250 calories. After a month you body will adapt to that amount. To counter that, I started cycling 4 times a week keeping my calories to 2750. I dropped few pounds again. When I stopped losing weights, I dropped to 2500, etc.

Also, I highly recommend to track macros for a week by weighting your food using myfitnesspal. After that week you will be able to easily track what you eat without a scale.


After having some of my riding buddies comment that my 194 FTP was on the low side, I decided to complete the 20min FTP test this morning. I achieved an FTP of 211 (2.93FTP/kg). Being only my third ride on the Neo & performing the test at a time that I usually ride, I’m happy with today’s result. It’s where I expected to be.


Just completed the Specialty Crit plan (following SPBMV2) and yet again a bit disappointed with the results. I know not to expect much improvement following a specialty phase as that’s not the intended purpose… however, I’ve never felt as strong as I do. I’m hitting power pr’s and finding holding my threshold quite manageable in outdoor rides and races. I’m starting to thinking that maybe I’m just bad at testing and get in my own head which leads to the disappointing results.

That said, I wasn’t expecting a huge jump but feel extremely confident that I can hold a higher power that my last tested ftp.

Considering re-testing or perhaps just upping my a 5-10 watts to see how upcoming workouts feel.

Why? Look at what you wrote:

What is there to be disappointed about?! Manually bump your FTP and go from there. Don’t overthink it!


Hello All! I’m fairly new to structured training and now in week 5 of the Sweet Spot low volume training plan.
My first FTP ramp test i scored 222. After doing some weeks sweet spot work i felt like the work-outs are maybe a bit to easy so i retested my FTP today with the same ramp test. I’ve noticed i pushed myself hard and went deeper then the first test and the outcome is a ftp of 266. Great first result :slight_smile: but my question is now, is it better to redo the first 5 weeks of sweet spot work? Because I’ve probably underperformed during this first 5 weeks.
Not sure if this is the right topic to ask. If not, please tell me were i can post this :slight_smile:


Nah, you’ll be fine, just carry on with the plan at your new FTP. Being new to structured training you’ll see sudden gains very quickly to begin with. Will level off after a few more phases :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you’re getting lost in the test results and failing to see all your improvements. FTP is a number to set your training, it is NOT representative of your fitness. It’s about what you can do at and what percentages of your FTP that matters. Also, if you think you test low, simply adjust up your FTP if workouts are too easy. There is no need to retest.

My anecdotal example:

After Traditional Base MV 1, 2, 3, I ramp tested and my FTP was 287 (Jan 15, 2019). I started GBMV and I couldn’t train with this FTP. I overreached the first few workouts then couldn’t even complete workouts by weeks end, so I manually dropped my FTP to 276 (-4%). I could barely get through workouts but I managed and finished GBMV.

March 14th, 2019, at the start of SSB1 (repeating base) I ramp tested again at 287, however I could actually train at this level, granted SSB1 is a bit gentler than Build. April 9th, 2019, started SSB2 and ramp test results were FTP at 293. Ok, small gain but expected since I dropped back to Base. June 15, 2019, starting GBMV (re-build) and I ramp tested at 287… again.

So basically my FTP would say in the past 6 months I have had zero “fitness” gains. Oh, I forgot to mention that my XCO race season started in May 2019. I’ve had 3 races since then and I’ve taken 1st place in each one. My FTP is 10% higher now than it was at the end (peak) of last years race season (September 2018). My workouts at 287 (and the previous 293) were/are completely challenging, but doable. Workouts I dreaded 6 months ago (long sweet spot) I now look forward to. My “fitness” is through the roof and I feel strong and powerful on the trainer and on the trails. I also lost 7 pounds since January. Those are real fitness gains, my FTP is simply a training tool.

That’s because you are! Don’t lose the forest through the trees.


Alright-- Just finished SSB Mid Volume II.

March 13th 2019: 275w @ 86kg (3.19w/kg) - Started TR
April 23rd 2019 : 291w @ 86kg (3.38w/kg) - Finished SSB - Mid Volume 1
June 18th 2019: 299w @ 84kg (3.55w/kg) - Finished SSB - Mid Volume 2

Now into the eight week General Build, with next ramp test in 4 weeks-- starting to dream of 4w/kg for 2019 :thinking:


Went from 270 Ftp to 276 Ftp with Low volume GeneralBuild ( 4 weeks) i am happy with this considering the lack of sleep with a baby !!! ( i was just trying to maintain my fitness)


I know, I know… I totally get what you guys are saying. I know enough about training, training principles and how to measure ‘success’. Being a data driven person (data analyst as day job) I cant help but to give stock to what is supposed to be an objective measurement. That said, I suppose I simply want some sort of ‘objective’ validation that my training is going well. This is mostly due to my wanting to be at 4 w/kg (currently 3.58).

Anyway, I bumped up my FTP by 10 watts and completed Darwin (4x10-minutes between 95-99%). It wasn’t easy but it got done without breaking.


I here ya, me too! I was at 3.85 w/kg and just needed 13 more watts on my ramp to be at 4.0 w/kg. Instead I got a a 2% reduction and I’m back to 3.77, lol. Well, today I increased the intensity of an over/under workout by 1% because it felt a little easy, so it looks like I’m back on track.


One step forward, two backwards, rights lol.

If things workout with the 10 watt increase that actually puts me at 3.73… Still that leaves me 18 watts away from 4.0… One day.

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Today’s ramp test FTP 259-269 after 3 weeks.
That puts me at 4.08 w/kg, finally broke that barrier.
Could probably have a better FTP improvement, but I’ve lost 1.5kg these few weeks on purpose.


Hey everyone, just thought I’d share a bit about my improvements. I’m usually quite private and assume no one would want to know what I do on a bike but reading some of the other contributions on here really motivated me so I guess I hope to do the same for someone else. So here goes.
I live in New Zealand with my wife and two boys(5 and 2) so time for working out is always a bit of a tight fit.
Near the end of 2016 with our second son on the way I was feeling very slothlike, unfit and a bit chubby and quite honestly depressed so I thought, “I always loved mountain biking, I’ll by a bike!” Best decision I made. I loved the time spent outdoors, something to focus on and just getting a bit fitter and losing a few kgs. Over the next couple of years I kept at it as much as I could and always love getting out on my mountain bike and beating my Strava times and sometimes other people’s but recently had found my fitness waning a bit and putting those few kgs back on.
So in March this year I bought a second hand tacx vortex and went to a bike shop and got the cheapest road bike I could. Then signed up to Zwift and first 20 min FTP test came out at 210 at 89 kgs so 2.35w/kg which I was happy to start with. Guess I just found Zwift too distracting so signed up for TrainerRoad at the end of April and stoked to find out what improvements I had made after 6 weeks on Zwift, did the ramp test and got 213, was totally bummed. Started with SSB1 mid and after a couple of weeks raised my FTP to 220.
Just ramp tested this morning for SSB2 mid and felt really good through the whole thing and now have a new FTP of 254 at 79kg so 3.2w/kg.
Looking forward to the next block of work and thanks everyone on this forum for help with motivation and other issues! Thanks to the TrainerRoad team for the great product and the great podcast!
Hope this helps anyone who can be bothered reading!


Steady progress three years running - love TR it’s the best thing I ever did for my cycling fitness!


Intitial - 217 W @ 70 kg (January)
Test #1 - 234 W @ 68 kg (SSB 1 - mid feb)
Test #2 - 243 W @ 66 kg (mid SSB 2 - end of march)
Test #3 - 253 W @ 65 kg (April, end of SSB 2)
Test #4 - 243 W @ 65 kg (mid June unstructured riding)

Beginning build now after the outdoor riding option got released (it is too hot to ride the trainer inside where I am)

I definitely notice the increase in watts since last year.