Your FTP improvements

Having stuck with my FTP at 254 and not adjusting it manually like I thought I would, I re-tested the other day.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 - 254 Watts
Thursday, Sept 5th, 2019 - 275 Watts

I now weight 74kg giving me 3.71 watts/kg


276 to well 276 haha not too bad considering i had a bit of a cold the last 3 days . Also on a Sweet spot base LV I going into LV 2 i hope to be around 280 after this .

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FTP 249 - 8/6
FTP 262 - 9/10

4 watts shy of my PB going into GenBuild.

I’m looking forward to getting certified on the track this fall and to the 2020 gravel season.


Lost 10% ftp in less than 3 weeks with a hamstring strain.

I didn’t even think that was physically possible, especially considering I managed 3 or 4 very light endurance sessions inside that 3 weeks.

Soul destroying.

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One or two good workouts and it will come back, don’t stress about it! :slight_smile:


As you were already at that level of fitness when you had your strain it will come back much quicker than if you were building your fitness, Don’t stress!

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Got exactly the same goals! Good luck! Just started 3 weeks ago with SSB1 lv, FTP 231, at 39, good luck in achieving your goals!

Started at FTP 179 watts (100kg) and did the low volume tri base to start with. 8 weeks later and sitting at FTP 229 (100kg). Stoked with progress and shows me trainer road really does work!


Jan, 19: 250 @ 102kg
Mar, 19: 281 @ 94kg - TR SSBMV1
May, 19: 300 @ 90kg - TR SSBMV2
July, 19: 315 @ 89kg - finished SSBMV2
Aug 19: 325 @ 90kg
Sept 19: 340@ 89kg (half way thru
YE target [350 @ 87kg]


Why do I look at this thread?
Arrh, to be a Noob to structured training and/or TR or young and a new’ish cyclist.
Been a TR user for 4 - 5 years and my maximum FTP was 6 months before TR. But then I am (sadly) a Veteran Cyclist. My FTP has gone generally down, up at times but in the first years of TR at least it stayed semi steady. Said it before but there is much more to life and cycling than FTP.



There’s some good charts posted in another thread about the spread of FTP for TR users that shows approx 0.5w/kg loss for every 10 years of experience. That said I’m sure training etc for masters riders has come up several times on the podcast and likely there is a thread on the forum if you do a search too. You can definitely limit the losses and frankly from seeing the masters athletes in my own club you can still be an absolute beast on the road.

I started on TR because I was injured and post surgery I wanted structure and also loved the Podcast. And ound my way into the forum.

200w in April 2019 after surgery
346w in September also a PB previous 340w.

I am aiming for 350w by end of 2019


Some Zwift Academy work and now to start on the SSB Low volume plan.

Have reduced weekly TSS, less is maybe more, legs are feeling better this way, failure rate of workouts vastly reduced :slight_smile:


My FTP before surgery was around 340w, as of last years National TT so only 6w.

Nice work! I joined the ZA and since the first couple I can’t bring myself to skip a race to do the workouts. Since I started racing more I don’t think I’ve had the discipline to do an actual structured workout at all, but my fitness isn’t suffering so far.

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I’ve finished my first base/build/specialty cycle, and my first foray into structured training ever, so IT’S TIME.

I’m 5’11, 140lbs, female. I’ve always been skinny; never been athletic, never been fit. I’m mostly sedentary (software engineer, video gamer, so ready for Shadowkeep oh my word). TR’s initial estimated FTP was 65.

Date FTP
February 2019 first ramp test 95
April 2019 end of SSB LV I 114
May 2019 end of SSB LV II 131
June 2019 middle of SusPB LV 139
August 2019 middle of Century LV 143
September 2019 end of Century MV 148

So about 56% improvement, and roughly 1.4 W/kg to 2.3. (But more importantly, I’ve gone from not being able to make it up the hill to my house to owning the QOM.) (Over like 13 people.) (Because I used it for intervals one day.) Hopefully that’ll be enough to get me through the UCI medium-distance sportive on Sunday.

I’ve heard the TR guys on the podcast say that anybody can probably hit 3 W/kg if they’re generally healthy and they put in the work, regardless of genetics, so that’s my long-term goal. Honestly feel a little silly that it’s taken me seven months to get to where most of you all start, heh.


Great improvements , keep up the good work :muscle::fist_left:


Have a great sportive, look forward to hearing about it next week…best of luck :biking_woman:

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So my first ramp test for TR on 1/1/19 was 268w. After SSB 1 and 2 going into Build my ramp test was 3/27/19 where I got 290w.

Yesterday 9/19/19 I went to a local auto racetrack which they open up for public walking/riding/skating/boarding/whatever and did the following
20min - 325w (puts me at 309w FTP)
30min - 302w
60min - 287w

I’m blown away by the numbers but also thinking there’s no way I will be able to hang with the plan at a 309w FTP, so I guess going into SSB1 again this fall, I should just ramp test again and use whatever figure it gives me?

Also oddly, my FTP history did not update with this new figure even though it has historical numbers from before i ever used TR in there anyway. Just for fun, my FTP back in August of 2017 when I first got my Stages PM was in the 230s. Also just for fun, my best 20 minute power last year was 275w, so 50w down from this year before I started TR.


Maybe you don’t have the endurance if your 60 min power was 287w. Unless that wasn’t a max effort?