Your FTP improvements


Last winter 242—>275
This winter 275—> ???

70kg, age 54.

Heading for 4w/kg! :grinning:


any reason why?


I’ve been riding my mtb for about 7 years which on average involved one 90min ride per week. I’ve also participated in a few 50km races over the past 18mths (which I got through with cramps - laughing about it with the other cramp victims on the side of the trail :grinning:)

Now being 44 and my kids finishing high school I decided to spend some time on myself having a go and spend less time on the side of the trail and joined TrainerRoad. I just finished SSBMV1 without missing a workout and now into SSBMV2 and have to say I’m loving TrainerRoad.
Results so far:
Start of SSBMV1 - 201 @ 75.8kgs = 2.65
Start of SSBMV2 - 210 @ 74.4kgs = 2.82
Not huge gains though all good things take time.
I really like being on this journey with you all and thanks for the inspiration.


It All depends on What you want to do . If you feel sustained power build is closest to your goal you should do that one. If you are unsure General build is a good mix


Go for it :slight_smile:


@Thomas_De_Kesel thats probably my concern, not really sure what to go after…sustained power to climb faster, or General build for all round abilities…choices chocies


Second ramp test after 4/5 of low sweet spot base ( missed last week due to being an unpaid nurse for the gf) and got a 5.7% increase to 237 now. It’s a bit less than wanted but on the way ~300 for next season.


Just completed SSB LVI and performed Ramp Test for SSB LVII tonight.

FTP gain of 1.9% and W/KG gain of 2.6%.
Thought it would be more for all the pain, but I guess it is what it is. On to the next block we go.

@GrantFoley, tagging you as promised.


@GHetherington well done, its still an improvement and maybe after block two the body will feel the benefits and increase more for the pain


In the fourth week of SS I mid volume.

I dunno … do I really, really want a higher FTP? I think 94% of what I have now is sweet enough.


Have been competitively rowing for few years with little to no cycling, but decided to switch over to competitive cycling as rowing became a little too repetitive.
There was a dramatic change in FTP in first few months of training, but later it settled and it is either I need to up the training or loose weight.
During my first bike race season I found that my FTP has dropped, yet I’ve never felt fitter.

Below figures, especially in 2018, they are within error margin, so hard to judge.

Jul 2017 - 282W
Sep 2017 - 300W
Feb 2018 - 335W
Jun 2018 - 331W
Sep 2028 - 337W


I just finished my first block of TR, so I have initial results. I got a Kickr in June and then:

Date Format FTP W W/KG
06/25/18 Zwift estimate 207 2.6
…noodle around on Zwift…
07/07/18 GPLama Zwift Ramp 214.5 2.8
…Zwift 4 week FTP booster…
08/08/18 GPLama Zwift Ramp 232.4 3.0
…Zwift 5 week TT Tune Up plan…
09/26/18 GPLama Zwift Ramp 244.9 3.2
…Jensie Gran Fondo, time off, noodling…
10/16/18 TrainerRoad Ramp 239.0 3.1
11/27/18 TrainerRoad Ramp 246.0 3.3

Prior to getting the Kickr I’d got up to 18 no-kip pull-ups. Since getting the Kickr, I’ve dropped 10 lbs and hope I could still do 10 pulls… I haven’t had the mental energy for much add’l strength work, though I have done quite a bit of mobility. And now I’d rather get my FTP to 300 W than do 30 clean pulls anyway!


223 to 228 watts after SSB LV1 - bit disappointed.I don’t feel I have nailed the ramp test yet. What I mean is that I have not done a lot of VO2 work so, given the way the ramp test works more VO2 training in SSB LV2 might produce a better ramp test - here’s hoping !


Don’t be disappointed. There is so much more to these plans than just raising FTP. Obviously raising FTP is super important. I’m not denying it. But, so is being able to go deep beyond FTP 5, 10, 15 times and still have punch left at the end of the race/event/whatever. So being able to do this 2, 3, 6 hours into an event is sort of an intangible thing that FTP along can not define.

A 3% increase for SSB LV1 is trending the right way for sure.


Thanks for the encouraging note, I appreciate it


finished SSB LV1, FTP 189 > 209 and no real change in weight so W/kg increased by the same 10%
Similar to some other comments, was a bit disappointed with the result, i had hoped for a +20% increase (near 230 > 240) but being new to this type of training (and only recently back on the bike) i don’t really have a yardstick to know if my goals are achievable.

I did go back and have a look at my calendar, this is one of the awesome benefits of it. While I say i completed SSB1, in reality there was a few missed sessions and broken weeks due to trying to find the right routine and life commitments and the week leading into my recent ramp is was travelling internationally for work.

Anyways, onward to SSB LV2, target to get a higher level of consistency in training and see if i can get closer to that 240 number!


Your trend is UP so that’s nothing to be disappointed with for sure. FTP is just one number…the mental/emotional benefit of making incremental progress toward a goal if, for me, more fun than just staring at an FTP number. Plus just improving cardiovascular fitness to any extent is a reward worth pursuing.


@chappo I do think you have hit on something here. Of course, life happens, but after looking at many, many workouts and calendars of TR users if you want to find success in week 3/week 4 plan workouts it’s important to conscientiously complete week 1/week 2 workouts.


20W increase is huge, particularly with LV and some missed workouts! FWIW, I just finished SSBMVI, didn’t miss a single workout, and increased 7W. I’m OK with it, I’m so much more comfortable riding at sweet spot now. Onwards and upwards!


thanks for providing some context. As i say, i don’t really know what/how much to expect or aim for. While i have been riding in various forms for quite a while it is the first time i have followed a structured indoor plan and used a power meter.

I concur with riding at sweet spot, while not strictly sweet spot I do notice a difference when riding with my regular bunch on Saturdays, am sticking with the fast guys for longer and not totally smashed at the end

On and On,