Your FTP improvements


+10 to 256W after the first 1/2 half of General Build. That puts me at 3.65W/kg. Getting closer to the 4 target.


An update to my progress after a ramp test today:

2017 - first half of 2018: ~265 FTP (I was in a plateau for a year)
August 2018 - 271 FTP after a big self-coached training block
Joined TR
October 2018: 280 FTP after Short Power Build
December 2018: 285 FTP after SSB LV1
Today, January 2019: 289 FTP after SSB LV2

I’m at 3.64 w/Kg and hoping to see a bigger jump after general build. It’s going to be a nightmare trying to get to 4 w/kg if I’m only eeking up 4-5 watts at a time. Overall pretty happy since my training was spotty in December.

TrainerRoad definitely got me out of my plateau and I’m about 25W higher in FTP since starting.

Cycling is hard :wink:


Got a TT bike over the weekend with a Stages PM, did first FTP test on it 220 for 3.32 W/Kg. A-race is June 9. Would love to get up to 3.7w/kg!


Some background: I’ve been training and racing since 2006. I do about 30 total races a year between cross country MTB and cyclocross. This year I went from a mid-pack cat 4 to near the front. Hoping to podium an XC race and get some wins in cat 4 cyclocross (and upgrade) in 2019.

My FTP has been between 250-265 for like a decade. I weigh 175lbs, 3.2 w/kg. I trained about 6 hours a week last year. My average weekly TSS in 2018 was 327 (not including cyclocross races).

December 12 2018, following a 1 month break after cyclocross season, my FTP was 255w, 3.2w/kg (all tests are ramp tests)

January 22 2018, after completing the five hard weeks of the high volume sweet spot base 1, followed by a week mostly off (I was on vacation and I got two good rides in - 5 hours total), my FTP is 288w, 3.4w/kg.

My weekly TSS for the 5 hard weeks of the block was 490. I also did strength training 2x a week, on Tuesday and Thursdays, making those two-a-days. It was more volume than I’ve ever done before and it was hard to finish. It’s only possible while I am unemployed. Hopefully I don’t burn out. Gonna nail that recovery folks!

I crushed that test today pals. I’m so happy to have broken out of the narrow band my FTP had been in for so long. Because it’s such a jump I may do the test again in a few days to see if I can repeat it. My next block (high volume SS base 2) will be significantly harder than SS1 with this new FTP.


MTB XC racer
42 yrs
180cm (5’ 11")
74kgs (162lbs)

I’ve been riding on Zwift for the last couple of years and started some structured training, doing 12 weeks of Gravel Grinder plan in the middle of last year. I had a bit of time off for holidays/running, got back into it for a few weeks before I came to TrainerRoad over Christmas.

As I’m an MTBer, with my first race coming up in April, I took all the Zwift riding/training as base and started on Mid Volume Short Power Build, then going into XCO Specialty, which lines up perfectly with my first race.

I’ve also lost a lot of weight from when I first started at the beginning of last year, back in March 2018 I was 82kg, I’m now down to 74kg, my goal is around 70kg.

So started SPB with ramp test on Christmas Day! :crazy_face: Half way through now, I just did my second ramp test:

25/12/18 - 270W @ 75kg 3.6W/kg
22/1/19 - 284W @ 74kg 3.84W/kg (+5.2%)

Aiming for 300W / >4W/kg at the end of SPB, we’ll see :crossed_fingers:

TrainerRoad is the best thing I’ve done for my training though, the workouts are just spot-on with effort, I do look forward to rest days and the easy (easier!) weeks, but also look forward to my training days, especially with the motivation that this latest FTP increase brings :grin:

  • age 43, weight 74kg (163lb), height 190cm(6’2’’), started cycling at age 40 in 2016.

  • was really good at sports with ball, never had any experience with endurance sports

  • 2/2017. purchased road bike

  • 10/2017. started training with trainerroad (virtual power, dumb trainer, completed ssb1&2, GB and specialty, low volume) - virtual power raised from 131w to 189w

  • 11/2018. started SSB1 mid volume

  • 12.12.2018. bought powermeter (assioma uno) – realized that virtual power was cca 50w lower

  • 1/2019. successfully finished SSB2 mid volume

FTP measured with powermeter:

  • 14.12.2018. – 241w (3.25w/kg) – start of SSB2 mid volume

  • 21.1.2019. - 267w (3.61w/kg) - start of general build mid volume


Just did a ramp test midway GBLV and scored lower, ended up on 291.
But I am going to keep my old as I was able to complete the workouts before.

Two reasons I can think of why I did worse
Not enough rest/sleep compared to previous tests and that I haven’t been following the TR schedule as closely as I have done in the base phase.

Not that worried though, I am still in a far better shape than a year ago and that this should already be enough to get me through my planned events (I don’t race).


I think everyone needs to remember that 3W or so is well within the float within PM or trainers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Today was ramp test day
(all in w/kg)

Very happy, my power profile is looking better than previous years too :blush:


Zwift 20min Tests
29th Mar FTP 239w @ 110kg = 2.17w/kg
11th April FTP 246w @ 109kg = 2.25w/kg
7th May FTP 262W @ 107kg = 2.44w/kg
16th July FTP 283W @ 100kg = 2.83w/kg
31st July FTP 307W @ 100kg = 3.07w/kg
3rd Oct FTP 310W @ 96.7kg = 3.205w/kg

Trainer road - Ramp tests
8th Oct FTP 299W @ 95.5kg = 3.13w/kg
5th Nov FTP 310W @ 95.5kg = 3.25w/kg Half way through SPB MV
3rd Dec FTP 319W @ 93.1 kg = 3.43w/kg End of SPBMV
7th Jan FTP 327W @ 92.6 kg = 3.53w/kg mid Mid HMHV II
28th Jan FTP 334W @92.2 kg = 3.62w/kg End of HMHV II
Still improving :slight_smile: Very Happy


Monday, Jan 28, 2019 FD MV Base -> 260 (252 Aero)
Monday, Oct 1, 2018 Sporadic/gaps -> 248
Monday, May 21, 2018 Retest HD MV Build -> 243
Monday, May 14, 2018 HD MV Base -> 228
Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 Oly LV Base -> 225
Saturday, Jan 6, 2018 3 months no training -> 214
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 FD HV Build -> 230
Friday, Mar 24, 2017 FD MV Base -> 228
Sunday, Feb 5, 2017 Switch to PowerTap P1S -> 217
Sunday, Jan 15, 2017 Start FD MV Base -> 191
Monday, Jan 2, 2017 No prior training -> 173
Monday, Jan 11, 2016 Outdoor only VPower -> 195

That’s to the best of my memory anyway. I’ve not seen FTP increase inline with the scheduled tests.
Plus I’m totally inconsistent. I still think the plans helped though. Without them I wouldn’t have seen any increases.


From 261 to 265 1st half of General build MV a bit dissapointed but felt a bit tired So going for a stronger result in the second half of General build

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Yea, 4w/kg would be WINNING most cat 4 CX races I would imagine.

I raced this fall at probably around 2.5 watt/kg in the 4/5 races, and finished about dead center of the race each time, beating many cat 4s.

Though this does bring up an interesting question, of what sort of watt/kg WOULD you need to compete at the front of Cat 4 CX races?


I dunno, in New England at least we have some really strong people in the 4’s. I was maybe around 4w/kg, although my racing NP was usually in the 3.5 area. My season was probably different from most, I had done the prior season as an out of shape 5 and so I came into this last year staged pretty poorly (they do staging by crossresults points). But I was in shape and have been able to bring myself up to mid to upper pack staging in the 4s. My 3 best finishes toward the end of the season were 16/36, 25/70, and 18/43. The last one might have been the one legit chance I had at a top 10, but I was a bit overdressed and overcooked and I think that affected me.

I think I have a chance to go into next CX season with an FTP of 290 (have been 275 for 2018, am currently at 285), so I’m really curious to see what sort of damage I can do with better staging and better fitness. My personal goal is to get routinely in top 10. I can also start racing with the 40+ cat 4/5 (turned 39 yesterday, always puts me a year ahead in racing age) and I definitely like my chances against some of the older riders I know.

Anyhow, I really think your question is a good one, but highly region dependent, New England is pretty stacked, and I’d imagine Oregon is as well.

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Alright. After a pretty intense road season followed straight into CX full gas till early November. I took maybe an easy week after and got right into SSBMVI and II. Just did the first 11 weeks of SSB MV - and after those 11 weeks, my ftp is up 18 watts. Did a pretty epic group ride on Sunday with about 200 TSS which is laughable - it was super windy OK! hah.
I felt pretty recovered. But overall, up that much. I’ll take it.
I’m also restarting SSB MV I/II , then general build, then road race climb or rolling leading up to Master’s Nats. I will race pretty much every weekend or every other starting early March and will do Tulsa Tough and maybe the Gila. I’m a little worried I’m not getting into a build yet, but I also like to race into shape. I guess I could do two peaks/builds - but curious if Tulsa Tough (june 7-9) is too close to Masters Nats (mid august)
Keep up the great work everyone!

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In CO, a 4 w/kg could get you top 5, maybe a podium if you can corner/pace well in the 4s. Def mid pack in the 3s if you can handle well. I think there are other factors with CX that help and are more important: skill, pacing, and how hard and long can stay in the red/the hurt zone.


Update time

Started Trainer road 05/11/18 sweet spot base Mid volume 1
100.2Kg Ftp 285 = 2.84 w/kg
92.9 Kg Ftp 313 = 3.36 w/kg ( Ramp test and beginning Mid vol 2 )
89.1 Kg Ftp 334 = 3.75 w/kg ( Ramp test and beginning Sustained power build mid volume )

This is all after doing the zwift 12 week ftp builder before.

I am so pleased with the results and can only thank the Trainer road team for the support and Chad for the plans in the first place. My cycling has improved no end and my motivation is on a massive high. I know future gains will be less, however my aim is 85kg and 360 watts, if I get to that I am allowed another bike !!! ( the value of which is going to be halved )

Oh and I changed today for a yearly subscription, now that is commitment…

Next upate after the end of Sustained power build mid volume and before the century plan. Ramp test at 366 watts and weight of 85.9kg 4.26w/kg !! I am so pleased with the progress and wish I never wasted my time with the zwift option. Trying to convince everyone I can to sign up.

Thanks to all the trainer ride team, and massive kudos to Chad, Johnathan and Nate (anyone know how tall he is?..)


Oct 30, 2018 (FTP 161)
Dec 11, (FTP 184)
Jan 29, (FTP 202)

54 years old
Some atrophy and imbalance due to bad left knee.
Riding intermittently since 2008.
6’2" 75kg (too skinny for everything but cycling)


After getting a smart trainer in September I have gone from a FTP of 320 to 358 in about 4 months.

Have held a steady weight of 78kg in this time but probably added some muscle mass since also started with strength training.

Have done mostly running previously and some outdoor cycling but live in a county with a lot of snow in the winter so have done mainly indoor cycling the last months…


Thats some FTP! Nicely done.
How many hours do you train? And which program are you following?