Your FTP improvements


About 10 hours a week I reckon.
I just recently started listening to the podcast and thinking about getting TR so have not been following any plan.

I have done mostly a mix of 5x5min max vo2 and 2x30min sweetspot, with the rest zone 2 distance training.

Do you have any tip on which plan to go with?


This is a great thread as it’s encouraging seeing people’s progress.

Recently, I completed the Sweet Spot base phase 1 and 2 and saw a decent 7.3% FTP increase over the 12 week period. This is the start of my second year of structured training, so the gains are coming slower now. Specifics:

  • Oct 22: Started Sweet Spot Base Low Volume 1 - FTP: 246 (via TR ramp-test)
  • Dec 2: completed 6 week plan with average of 322 TSS per week,
  • Dec 4: Started Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 2 - FTP: 251
  • Jan 12: completed plan with average of 412 TSS per week
  • Jan 14: new FTP of 264 or 7.3% increase (3.4 watts/kg)

Also, around the time that I completed the 12 week base plan; I did an outside ride (thanks to good weather in January!) and tested myself against a 15 to 20 min benchmark hill climb. I set a new PR by 30 seconds!

So far so good; I have since moved on to the Sustained Power Build plan (mid-volume). Target races are two Gran Fondos in July/Sept so I am encouraged by the results.


I guess it depends on what type of rider you want to focus on being. They offer alot of different workout and builds. I myself is doing sweetspot base mid vol 1/2 -> sustained power -> climbing Road mid.
But i also want to be good at longer durations


I saw that there is a specific plan for Mountainbike marathons.
I tried a few last year outdoor and really enjoyed them.
Will probably go for that plan and add some custom workout if I feel that something is lacking.


Great work with continuing the FTP increase!
Nice to get the outdoor PR. I have not ridden outdoor since starting with indoor cycling and are looking forward to trying to set some PB:s when spring comes around.


2017 after 6 weeks of training non power ( working on a boat offshore with a crappy spin bike) just hr and 3 weeks on a private coach plan 297 futher 4 weeks into my cx season tested again at 345, coach had me doing alot of squats and gym work, this year after a 2 week bikepacking trip with serious days in the saddle and 2 weeks on tr plan 322, fell off plan as was doing rapha 500, now im back on it ssb high volume, hoping to be back around the 330/340 range and smash some crits here in scotland :100:


Good job!
As for the weight loss: I myself went from 101kg to 89 kg in about 3 months time, and down to 84 in 9 months.

An insight from my journey: Don’t get discouraged or take drastic measures when things slow down on the scale. You might be losing fat, but gain muscle mass so the scale stays neutral for a while… I fell in the trap of not eating enough, workouts started to get harder and harder and progress on the bike stagnated until I saw a nutrition specialist for more advice.

Keep up the good work!


I love this thread, seems like a lot of good progress all round. I could hardly wait to add my own results. So here goes

Apr 2018 – got power meter – FTP = 235

June 2018 = 261

(Raced early August and then had intermittent time on the bike)

6 October 2018 – got TR account and did first ramp test = 257

27 November 2018 – got TT bike and completed ramp test in aero position = 251

29 Jan 2019 = 279 (still in aero)

Up to 3.6 w/kg and pretty ecstatic with TR!


Hi all,

Here are my results:

1st of November 2018: 198W - Zwift FTP test
16th of December 2018: 220W - start of SSB Mid vol I (Ramp Test); midway thru: 240W
28th of January 2019: 248W - start of SSB Mid vol II (Ramp Test)

I followed the workouts by the book, and added most weeks another workout or two, either outside or on Zwift. My weight since the begining has been more or less constant, 66kg. This curently puts me at 3.75W/kg.

My year’s goal is L’etape du Tour. My plan is to be >4W/kg. I estimate that with this number I will be able to give a decent performance…and enjoy the event at the same time.




I mostly read, but chances are your powermeter(trainer) is way off. I race Cat 1 and there are not many that have this kind of w/kg. It takes years of training and is not attainable for some people, especially if they were smokers etc. If you could post an outdoor ride where you went hard up a grade, people on here can tell if your numbers are correct, which I doubt and I’d recommend talking to the manufacturer of your trainer.


Sorry for delayed response , 46 years old and ridden and trained before but not what I’d call properly, listening to the TR podcasts had helped loads and getting a food plan to run alongside the cycling is a big game changer.


My N=1. Currently 64 years old. Raced through my adult life from my 20’s to my 50’s most consistently in my 40’s and 50’s FTP at that time about 230 with a weight of 70-71 kg. Stopped riding pretty much totally except commuting to the gym in my mid 50’s. Started up this spring, finding even 15 mph was painful. 20 min test on Zwift in May put my FTP at 170. Rode consistently over the summer, one shop ride (usually off the back), one 3-5 hr ride and one “coffee” ride with my wife. Did the Coeur d’Fondo in September in just over 9 hrs. Developed bad knee tendonitis so stayed off the bike for 2 months.
Due to my knee, I started Traditional Base low volume.
First Ramp test: 155
Second Ramp test 277 after Traditional Base Low volume 1
Third Ramp test 308 after Traditional Base Low volume 2

My routine is 3 trainer workouts/week, daily sauna, and one weight workout/week. Currently weight 72.5 kg
I’ll be starting SSB1 low volume.


Feb 4 : 264W (+6%) 68.0kg - 3.88 W/kg
Half way through Sustained Power Build LV

Stoked by the results today. That’s my highest ever FTP since testing. Totally down to the consistency created by the calendar I think (and small amount of effort on my half).

Now totally scared of the next set of training sessions. How am I supposed to do 5x7mins at 277W which I calculate to be 122% of my FTP from October


If you’re at 4.6watt/KG 4 months into serious training, just do what you’re doing and think about sending requests for a tryout to pro teams…

Not to put you down…but are you sure about both your weight and watt measurements?


I just started sustained power build and I cannot wait to get through it. Very excited for these long efforts and hopefully the results will follow. I’d always do something similar to a short power or xc build, but I need a bit more for this base and keep my engine going.


And is he on a kickr/neo etc or a wheel-on trainer?


To be fair I have competed on a fairly high level in running and cross country skiing which have given a good aeroobic base. But I stopped due to a lot of injuries a few years back. I noticed last year that I was able to place high on segments on Strava without a lot of cycling. So I bought a Tacx Neo in the fall with an ambition to try to take some KOM:s this year.

I get your scepticism about the numbers and I honestly don’t know how well the wattage is measured, but I understand that the Neo should be good. And the weight is correct at least.

So I will have to wait and see until spring if the training have any effect on the Strava leaderboards :slight_smile:


I am starting General Build today so it was Ramp Test Time!
Very happy with the result and I felt that I went all out on the test today, I was completely knackered!

23/09/2018 - FTP 263 @ 99.5kg = 2.64 w/kg
06/11/2018 - FTP 274 @ 97.5kg = 2.81 w/kg
14/12/2018 - FTP 290 @ 92.9kg = 3.12 w/kg
15/01/2019 - FTP 270 @ 95.8kg = 2.82 w/kg
05/02/2019 - FTP 305 @ 94.0kg = 3.24 w/kg

Seeing some very good improvements since I started in September. I was hoping the weight would be a bit lower, but overall I am very happy.
My absolute goal is to be at 4.0w/kg or 320w @ 80kg. I think I may hit he 320watts way before I hit the 80kg!


Another Tuesday. Another Ramp test. 221 --> 227w. Another 2.7%. Im hoping this gradual climb is more sustainable than the peaky nature of last year.


Interesting. Do you mind sharing your opinion why last year was “peaky”, and why you believe this years improvements will be more sustainable?