Your FTP improvements


Around mid october 2017 I had some minor surgery that had me off the bike for the 6 weeks. Around the same time I moved house. So in reality my first day back training was new years eve. In effect 3 months off the bike. That’s why you see the massive drop. In theory I started SSB LV at that point but in reality I mostly subbed in (hard) group rides. From end of March our club drop ride kicked off and I was doing that 2x per week plus club Saturday ride (and something on Sunday if I still had legs left) until the end of summer. In effect I didn’t really do a base block for the 2018 season… I just went straight into having my legs ripped off.

This year I’ve actually managed to complete base with a good level of compliance (probably near 100% apart from the Disaster week). It was below what I had hoped to do (LV instead of MV) as new baby and work stress combined to make life a bit harder than expected.

I’ve just completed a mini-VO2 block over the last month and I suspect I have a decent shot of getting through most of the first 4 weeks of general build before my compliance goes to crap with added outdoor rides. Also race season starts March 1st so might be subbing in some races for the Saturday ride from that point on.

To answer you point more specifically… I’m usually of the view that gradual changes are sustainable changes and have always found my fitness gains to be hard won. I know there’s more low hanging fruit in terms of diet, weight, and body composition however I’m just a guy riding a bike with no real outlook towards being up at the pointy end of anything prestigious so am reluctant to let it take over my life further.

In an ideal world having even more time to work on that aerobic engine would be great… but it’s not going to happen this year and frankly the mental break from base work is very necessary for me.

Bah… that’s a bit stream of consciousness and I probably need a lot more time and space to get it coherent and structured… but hopefully I’ve given you some idea of my thinking.


After a 6month break started up training again, this time focusing on improving my power in the Aero position ready for summer time trials and triathlons. I test on the TT bars and try to do my intervals also on the TT bars, sitting up for the recoveries.

Start - 277w (about 40w down on my last test 6months ago, in road position)
SSB LV 1 - +13w (4.7%) up to 290w
SSB LV2 - +14w (4.8%) up to 304w

Very happy with the improvements

I’m now going to re-do SSB LV2 before build and speciality to lead me up to my A Race.


Started TR on 1 Jan (not intentional, just worked out that way) and tested at 183 watts. Completed SSBLV1 and did my second ramp test this morning to kick off SSBLV2. New FTP: 212.

Very happy with that and excited to continue training.


Ftp up from 278 to 290 today, highest I’ve been and 4.00w/kg also highest, so well chuffed with that. Starting SSB1Low volume and see if I can complete an actual plan from start to finish!


SSB 1 = 215 (3w/kg)
Having never done a ramp test like this everything felt new. I think I had a bit more in the tank.

SSB 2 = 233 (3.24w/kg)
Felt like I completely emptied the tank – I was totally drained for the next 48 hours.

Today: SPB #1 = 243(3.43w/kg)
FTP increase but I feel like crap. I certainly didn’t have the focus and positive attitude I did with the previous one. Two trips to Asia in January and a lot of added stress over the past week. I’m thinking I’ll do this week @ 243, mentally re-assess at the beginning of next week and see if it’s worth nudging up the FTP.

The goal is 4 w/kg by DK200. It’ll be a combo of losing another 5kg and continuing to boost FTP.


July 11, 2018 - FTP: 193

I did Pettit for today’s workout during week 4 (recovery week) of General Build. As I was pedaling and doing the cadence drills, I realized my prescribed wattage was 193 (FTP 276) at the peak of Pettit.

In 7 months of TR my previous FTP is now my recovery… unbelievable :exploding_head:


I had the same feeling today.

Did a little over three hours of SS intervals and some high Z2 today. My 90min average power was higher than my FTP from December and my 180min power was just under my FTP from October.

Now if I can somehow match those improvements an lose a couple pounds by my A race in May…

5.5w/kg seems reasonable;)


I’ll only count the FTP progress from the day I started using my current trainer since I use Virtual Power to train.
My initial FTP last September was 218.
After SSB LV1 FTP was 230.
During SSB LV2 I got sick and when I was returning from time off the bike as a result my FTP was 224.
A few weeks later I was feeling better and re-tested at 229.
I started Short Power build this morning and tested at 243! (I’m both excited and nervous about the coming workouts ha!)


Yeah, that’s pretty incredible when you think about it ! My numbers are on track to match yours (from 191 in october when I started training, to 246 in january and I keep getting stronger).

@TR Guys - a huge thanks ! Don’t change anything - it works. As one of my favorite quote goes, from Charlie Munger - “Take a Simple Idea and Take It Seriously”


I bought a smart trainer by late Oct 18’ and my first app to use was TR. I wasn’t on a bike for couple of months and I never had any proper cycling training so I knew I had to do some easy rides before starting any proper structured plan… so I had like 3 rides before starting SSB I, anyway:

  • 291 FTP when started SSB mid vol I (did a bike fitting in the middle)
  • 341 FTP when started SSB mid vol II (15% increase caused me a lot of pain in the beginning of the plan)
  • 361 FTP when started General Build vol I (6% increase, but I had a sinus infection during last SSB mid II recovery week)
    Currently I’m in the middle of General Build mid plan, but what I learnt is to trust in numbers :smiley: (and coach Chad!) Many times I was on the verge of giving up, especially during this last week of effort in SSBII (Spencer+2, Lamarck, Leconte). My legs were burning with this weird tingling feeling. I was like “ok, this is just a bit harder than last week, numbers cannot be wrong - I need to do it” so I pushed through. After all it gave me a lot of confidence and I’m more aware of where my limits are. Now if I see any training with IF < 0.9 I’m like “easy! I had worse!” :slight_smile:
    I’m aiming for 380-390 by the end of General Build which should place me somewhere around 4.0-4.1 W/kg - Yes! I’m in “sprinter” weight category :smiley: (6,4’ tall).
    By the way is there any specialty plan to support stealing KOMs on Strava? :smiley:


When I was lifting, I had a similar realization when my warmup sets used to be my work sets. I’ll Have to look at those numbers next week in the last week of General Build workouts.


Background: I’m a 28 year old male. I used to play squash competitively up until I was 24, then played intermittently until I was 27, when I snapped my quadriceps tendon. This resulted in surgery and 4 months on crutches up until March of last year. I started structured cycle training in November of last year as a way of getting my fitness back and giving myself a goal to work towards (175km charity ride, 1970 m of climbing in July of this year).

November 2018 - estimated FTP prior to first ramp test 175 watts, after ramp test 250 watts, however in retrospect i did a significant amount of the last few minutes out of the saddle. In December SSBLV1 was beating me up so i retested with an FTP of 207 watts.

I completed SSBLV2 at 207 watts and retested today showing an FTP of 235 watts, during this time I have cleaned up my diet, eating considerably less processed food over the last month, with increased protein intake, more gym (strength) work and reduced simple carbohydrate intake, resulting in a weight loss from 121 kg to 112kg over the last month. Overall I’m happy with how I’m progressing!


Just started cycling in April 2018.

Trainneroad training started end of December 2018, doing the Triathlon sprint low volume, have skipped a bunch of the running workouts for recovery purposes.
FTP was at 174w Jan 3rd
FTP was at 192w Jan 29th after the base phase

Starting the Olympic low volume plan late April 2019, hoping for some awesome gains.

Got a lotta weight to lose too, i’m currently sitting at about 2.23w/kg
As i lose weight i feel like i can easily reach 3w/kg before tri season starts
(if i reach my weight target, even if i stay at same ftp, i’d be at 2.5w/kg)

So i’d have to reach 231w FTP at my target weight to have 3w/kg


I started with TR 1 year ago with an untrained, overweight and 52 year old chemo damaged FTP of 123w. After 12 months I’m now at 185w

I’m pretty happy with this and feel I’ve got a lot more to go too :+1:

That’s a 50% increase in 12 months.

Thanks TR


I started SSBMV1 at 223W and improved to 242W at the start of SSBMV2.


I am 35 and hadn’t been on a bike since high school. I purchased a CX bike about a year ago, “raced” in the last crit of the season in August, got dropped, and purchased a Kickr Core and TR in November.

All testing done with TR ramp test. I weigh 68-69 kg.

FTP Prior to training: 183 W
After SSBMV1: 208 W
After SSBMV2: 220 W (This was during the holidays and I was drinking quite a bit during training and around the time I took the ramp test. After I cut that out I felt a lot stronger and subsequently upped most workouts during the first half of the build phase by 2-3%)
Half-way through Short Power Build MV: 239 W

So far I’m happy with my progress and really happy with TR. I live in Michigan and I can’t wait to get back on the road and feel all that new speed. I plan on racing in quite a few crits and hope to have fun and learn a lot.

Keep up the good work everyone!


Nice to see a fellow MI man. I think you’d get a hell of a lot more out of your workouts if you weren’t drunk on the bike :wink:.


Same here! I enjoy seeing your profile pic around the forum.

And yes, very difficult to figure out which interval when you’re seeing double :wink:


Congrats @FatherDamo2 some solid power and power/kg gains. I’m pretty much at the start of the journey you outlined. I have a 209ftp and 110kg, hoping I can emulate a similar progression


Thank you @chappo and good luck with your journey, found the weight came off in chunks (never changed my calorie intake, did try (polar opposite eating!) eating more in morning and less in evening, cooked breakfast through to cereal at night, though hard to maintain with family). Keeping well fuelled for the workouts I’m sure helped!

Guess at some points putting on muscle and losing fat gave a zero change in the weigh, so don’t worry about zero changes in weight over many weeks. Keep at it every week, get plenty of variety with the training, in my head I always say no pain no gain! and I’m sure you’ll see those power/kg gains…

I’m in the 91kg range now and hopefully a couple of more watts gained by the next ramp test… you’ll feel so much better, faster and lighter when out on the real road too. Enjoy your journey, keep us all updated :slight_smile: