Your FTP improvements



Aug '18, end race season: 234W; 3.45 W/kg

Nov '18 SSB1MV: 232W; 3.30 W/kg
Jan '19 SSB2MV: 247W; 3.51 W/kg (+7%)
Feb '19 SuPB LV: 263W; 3.73 W/kg (+6%)


Disappointed in ramp test today. After the second half of General Build, no change in FTP. I basically blew up withing seconds of reaching the break even time. I was hope to add at least 5W


If you think you might have left something on the table with the ramp test, and if you think the workouts felt progressively less taxing as you went along, you might want to consider just upping it 5w anyway and see how it goes with a couple of workouts in specialty, you can always scale back if you think you’re overreaching
my experience last year was that my increases came at base and nothing for build, and from what I’ve read here from coach Chad, most gains come at base. But I’m also hoping to get another 5w out of build (assuming I end up getting settling on 10w increase after this recovery week).


I had no issues getting through the plan workouts, a few at towards the end were taxing but no lowering power or cutting short. I feel like I gave it everything so who knows. I’m currently @ 256 so maybe a modest rounding up to 260 to see how that goes.




Wow. Nice work. Those are huge numbers. Gives me hope for when I eventually give SSBHV a go.


Just completed my 1st block of short power build and had an 11 watt increase. From 225 to 236 which put me at 3 watt/kg indoors, which was my goal at the start of the race season. Was supper stoked on this gain since its been a good long while since ive had an increase in FTP.


Great results , any reason for switching to Low volume build plan ? i am thinking about doing the same thing .


I wouldn’t worry too much, you’re probably just fatigued from the first four weeks of build, so you couldn’t express your fitness for the ramp test. I only had a 6 W increase (2%) during week five ramp of GB as well. That was coming from 23 W (8%) increase after Base. Increase your FTP a little and continue on with Build. Improved fitness is measured in other ways than just FTP, expecially since your focus in General Build is more V02 and anaerobic repeats. You’re stronger/fitter now, just stay positive and consistent with the plan :leg::hammer:.


We just had our second baby six days ago. If I can manage the LV Build I’ll be very happy. If somehow I can do more I’ll add shorter aerobic rides throughout the week. I don’t see 2 hr time blocks on the trainer happening for a little bit with a newborn and a 2.5 yo running around. :scream:


Just give it a few years. I’ve got four between 3 and 12 and mange 12-14hrs/wk on the trainer thanks to a very understanding wife;)


Thanks! I was in a good rhythm with number 1, getting five rides/wk in usually before anyone was awake. If number 2 is also a late sleeper like big sis and mommy, I’m golden. Just not in the cards until she establishes a routine.

Even with the toddler, I managed my best 70.3 last year, turned down a roll down slot at Nice, and qualified for short and long course AG Nationals. There is definitely life beyond parenthood, people!

Wife has been great this first week. She knows I need the workouts to be as good a daddy and husband as I can. I gave it up for about nine months with number 1 and that was not good for anyone.


Nobember 27th 2018 FTP 111. Map 149
TBLV1 Tested 19/02/2019 FTP 138 MAP 184

Doing another round of base with ssblv1 (Throwing in a zwift race) and ssbmv 2. Before moving in the cycle.

I think my first round of base was just to get myself back to trainable condition.



Congrats !! same here expecting a second baby in 2 weeks , we already have a 3 year old now :wink:


Well then best of luck to both of us making a LV Build even happen! Congrats in advance!


I’m sticking with just 1!! We have lots of reasons behind it, but much respect to you multi-kid folks!
My guy is almost 8, so big enough that he can goof around weekend mornings while I ride and my wife sleeps in. Although still requires help with breakfast prep and staying on schedule that I can’t ride weekday mornings (I work from home so I ride between work assignments)


Just did a ramp test that I thought went pretty well. I made it to 20:01. That yielded 2W higher in FTP. I was expecting more as I made it to 20:05 last time and got 4W. Is the difference between 4 seconds on that step 2 full watts or is there something else going on during the test that contributes?


It’s based on average power over the final minute of your test. Obviously longer time spent at the next step should raise your result, but bigger factor is where your average power sat on the step before. I’d bet your average power for the last test was higher relative to the prior step than this test by a couple of watts.

Example: my test yesterday the final step was 350W, but I averaged 348W. Had I averaged 350, my FTP would probably be 1.5W higher.


Those are almost identical to my numbers :slight_smile: except I started on TR in 2017 took about 6 months off in 2018 :frowning: and started in Sept with 171. :confused: but now happily above 200 and just starting SPBMV short power build mid v. with a jump from 200 to 220 :open_mouth:


Did the ramp test yesterday to start off my build phase, went from 300w at the start of SSB HV2 to 315w for the start of Sustained Power Build MV.

Excited to see what the improvements are after the first month of build and hopefully I can get to 5w/kg by the end of the year. (Currently at 4.6 but I can easily drop a few kg so I think its in reach if I keep up the consistency.)