Your FTP improvements


Stuck at 239w since October, mix of burn out, holidays, and inability to mentally get into gear on a plan, then was on vaca for a week and blew out my back once i got back and was out another week. Pushed through the SSBLV1, never been so happy to change it up and get some FTP / VO2 max intervals going, and made sweet spot workouts a welcome change. Was doing Brasstown the other day and it felt WAY too easy, so I decided to do a ramp test afterwards. New FTP is 248w! Really great feeling to see improvement, no matter how small, added a lot of motivation to push through Agassiz and Darwin and dreading Mary Austin tomorrow, but I’ll fight through.


Started TR late Nov after being frustrated that my own efforts had me plateaued at about 300, or 4W/kg. tested on 11/28 at 304 on Ramp. Started SSBLVI, + commuting + some other rides. In January, decided to skip the “other” and just do SSBMVII + commuting. Tested at 295. Manually kept FTP setting at 300, figuring I just had a bad day. Struggled at the end of the block. Took a week of recovery rides (petit etc), retested, now at 288! Race season starting (don’t have an A race, but would like to cat up to 3 this year, though I’m not sure I can race enough to do it even if I had the results)

Trying to decide now if I should repeat last few weeks of SSBMVII with lower FTP to consolidate base, or move on to a general or speciality build. Would really like to get FTP/kg solidly above 4.0, to the point that it’s my “everyday” FTP rather than my “peaking” FTP.

edit: tried Leconte again today with new lower FTP, still had to cut power drastically on the last interval.


You’re new to TR and it appears you’re making some beginner mistakes with how to use their structured training and get the most out of yourself. I fear you’ll have a frustrating experience with TR (possibly your race season and/or goals) if you don’t get your training plan figured out. However, this (Your FTP Improvements) is not the thread to get into that discussion. Please post a new question in the forum and let the TR community help you out :+1:.


First go at structured training.
SSBI, with 1 hour of Football (Soccer) a week, just too damn fun to miss.

  • Jan '19 - 205
  • Feb 19’ - 220
  • 3.13 w/kg

About 5 weeks of following SSBI, this week & the next life gets in the way so thought it would be good to test now and see any improvement.

Think I will just move onto SSBII now. Adding in extra workouts when time available.


Ramp test today . . . here we go:

  • First half of 2018:
    265 FTP (was in a year long plateau)
  • August 2018:
    271 FTP (after my ‘A’ race and a self-coached training block)


  • October 2018 - after Short Power Build:
    280 FTP
  • December 2018 - after SSB LV1
    285 FTP
  • January 2019 - after SSB LV2
    289 FTP

And today – after the first half of General Build LV1:

299 FTP and 3.77 W/Kg :metal:

That about ~30 Watts improvement in 6 months using TR low-volume plans. This thing works!

I have a vanity goal of 300 FTP … so from that perspective, today’s 299 was king of maddening. I mean, had I known, I would have figured out a way to hang in for another 4.5 seconds…

More importantly I have a functional goal of 4W/Kg – and if I make my target weight by summer (which is only 4-5 lbs away) I will hit 4 w/KG at FTP 312 – which suddenly seems doable.

And MOST importantly – I want to find a race someplace … somewhere … somehow that I can win. A CAT 5 crit or whatever…I feel like at 4 W/kg, I can maybe win a race. Finishing first would feel pretty cool.

I have Vo2 work at my shiny new FTP tomorrow :neutral_face: so the celebration will be short lived. But progress is gratifying.

Good luck!


February: 298 – SSBHV2 TSS 665/wk av (-2.3%; 4.44 w/kg)

I’m thinking the last 12 weeks of doing only SS and Threshold work cut into my ability to produce VO2/anaerobic power at the end of the test.

Two options:

  1. Manually raise FTP by 6% (~av of previous increases);

  2. Do a Friel 30min test.


I’m considering skipping any formal test on Tuesday and just manually adjust based on how I was doing at the end of ssb2, I think even the prospect of doing 105% for 20 is a huge ask for me at the moment lol maybe I’ll give Lamarck a try!


Do this test and use your previous FTP as the test target:

Shoot for at least 35-40 minutes. It’s a lot less painful than it seems on paper.


Do the ramp test instead


I think I’d be worse at that, honestly, my last ramp test I got 268 but completed ssb2 hv at 285, I’m just generally poor at these, so I’ll probably give it a try again but am always prepared to just adjust on the fly since I’m probably not going to be grossly overestimating myself


Ha! I was just looking at that! :+1:

I had a few reddit chats with Kolie way back in the spring of '18…he has so much knowledge!! :exploding_head:

Probably Tuesday…or maybe next weekend…I’ll bust out a Baseline test.


I did a TTE-esque FTP test today so there’s a bit of a revision:

February: 305 – SSBHV2 TSS 665/wk av ( +/-0% ; 4.57 w/kg)

Even though my FTP didn’t change, I think 3 other important metrics did:
i) muscular endurance – the test set new PRs for 12-33min power;
ii) w/kg – increased almost 5%; up almost 30% since starting TR 6 months ago;
iii) fractional utilization of VO2max – 3% increase from 83% to 86% (total guesstimate!).



I might use your TTE-esque FTP test! What made you think to do 104% then start to ramp versus a slow ramp after holding threshold?


This is all I do anymore.


This article explains the TTE testing:


Yes, but he created a slightly different version. That’s why I was asking what made him choose the percentage he did.


It’s the same protocol as the baseline, just using his old FTP as the test target


Oh, at 100% of target FTP, I see! So if he chose 104%, it is anticipated that that would be his new FTP, correct?




Yeah I don’t think there’s a way to alter FTP in the Workout Creator so you have to mess around with the percentages of.

I chose 310w as my target & came in at 305w. As the author of the protocol states, it’s important not to over estimate the target and a 3-8w increase over previous FTP is a good place to start. That said, don’t feel bound by that target; if you can really smash it out during the last 10-15min ramp then go for it.