Your FTP improvements


183 - first ramp test
HIM mid vol build
186 - second ramp test
HIM mid vol specialty
206 - third ramp test

Very happy.


After 9 months off the bike I started riding in May 2018. Bought a power meter in July then I started TR.

July - 175 (2.5 W/kg) - first test after a fairly relaxed, get some miles in plan for two months. 20 minute test so this could be underestimated FTP.

August - 206 (3.07 W/kg) - After 4 weeks of the Century specialty plan. Ramp test done to find a pace for a 2 x 75 mile charity ride.

September - 222 (3.26 W/kg) - Ramp test after SSB Mid Volume I.


Just back after 6 weeks of injury, followed by 2 weeks of “just riding” without structured training. Did a ramp test tonight and got FTP of 303W @ 4.15W/kg. Can’t complain as that’s a higher FTP than when the beginning of winter training last year and a significantly better W/kg. Two more weeks of just riding before another test then structured training.


Started off last year at a very low point due to travel and a severe respiratory infection

08-Nov-2017 - 325 watts - last few weeks of base
14-Nov-2017 - 335 watts (recovering from the infection, getting my lung capacity back)
20-Nov-2017 - 340 watts
11-Dec-2017 - 342 watts
09-Jan-2018 - 353 watts
05-Feb-2018 - 355 watts
12-Mar-2018 - 358 watts
27-Aug-2018 - 364 watts
19-Sep-2018 - 359 watts

Weight pretty steady between 76-78 kg. Started much lower last year than normal, I can usually in a base, build, specialty cycle get up to 370 or so.

I typically see the largest gains in the second half of sweet spot base high volume and the first half of general build high volume. Those seem to be where I make the most progress - typically picking up a few watts during each phase and then holding steady in specialty


Going from 275-325 and moving up two categories sounds like you’re doing everything right. How do you see this as you’re doing something wrong!?


I can’t see how the numbers/increase is right. There are very few TR hour sessions that I was able to complete at 100% intensity whilst my FTP was set at 325. In fact I took the decision to knock my FTP back down to 300.

Recently sat the new Ramp Test before starting the Mid Volume Base. FTP came back as 306. I’m more inclined to believe that this figure is closer to my ability and fitness level.


I’m inclinced to think that the ramp test is pretty accurate. I’ve been using power for many years, and have usually a decent idea of where my FTP is from feel. I’d estimated 300W, and the ramp test came out at 303W. I’d given absolutely everything and was unable to continue at all when I stopped. I’d go with 306W for your FTP and see how you get on:-)


My biggest FTP in one season jump aside from when I just started cycling was 5 months structured indoor training following a bike crash and a surgery.

I went from FTP of 270W at 78kg (3.46 w/kg) in November to 290W at 72 kg in January (Racing Weight Quick Start diet and workout plan)
In January I started the SS base high volume plan which brought me to 314W at 72kg (4.36 W/kg).
High volume general build gave me only a bump to 321W in May, but my diet went completely wrong due to a messed up stomach and at 76kg my power to weight actually declined (4.22 W/kg).
I managed to partly recover from that with a mix of indoor/big outdoor rides and a some racing, I ended up peaking in August at 334W at 75kg (4.45 W/kg).

The goal for next season is to follow the same FTP progression but don’t mess up with my weight, I’d be super happy to get near 330W again but at 72kg or so.


Anyone use any non-TR protocols to test FTP level (i.e. not ramp/8/20min)?


Worst one I ever did was the Sufferfest 4dp test. You do your sprint tests, 5 minute power, 20 minute power and then 1 minute at the end just to cap it off. Unsurprisingly I only did it once


I’ve done that one too. Was ok. I’ve found one blog which lays out tests for all the 4DP “zones” but does them all independently on different days (i.e. you’re NOT trying to testing ALL your power zones in one ride).

I know TR likes consistency regardless of which testing you choose to do, but as I’ve only done 1 ramp test and with about 7 more blocks of training remaining in my plan, I’m thinking about trying other methods, this one in particular: The Physiology of FTP and New Testing Protocols (TrainingPeaks)

Seems fairly similar to TRs ramp test. Thoughts?


  • 10 minutes at 92-95 percent of target FTP
  • Increase to 100 percent of target FTP for 15 minutes
  • 10-15 minutes gradual power increase until exhaustion



I would tend to agree with you.


Prior to signing up to TR I used to use my TimeTrials as a accurate gauge of my FTP and if I PR’d / set a new threshold over the course of the race would up my FTP as a result.

Since signing up to TR and doing the ramp test I don’t bother as I am finding it to be an accurate reflection of my current level.


If you’re the scottish Andy Gajda then I dread to see how well you’ll be going next year! :rofl: Fast enough as it is, take more time off!


End of this season I was sitting at 330, taken from estimates and confirmed up in a 40km TT. Took a month off any structure/consistency and then got my first potent man-flu of the year… Ramp test today took me all the way down to 282W, but gonna retest once i’ve had some more illness recovery time… Fingers crossed I haven’t actually dropped that much!


Haha!! Aye, that’s me😂

Your season finished yet? I’m just enjoying the last few weeks on the summer bike before the winter grind!!


Season finished over a month ago for me! Bailed on the Bellahouston Park criterium today due to lack of training and effects of the cold… Gained 6kg in an amazingly short time too. Really looking forward to the winter garage grind (really!), although nothing truly prepares you for the chaos of a scottish 3rd/4th cat race :sunglasses:


Crits in the cold! That’s going to hurt!! Sorry to hear you’ve had time off the bike not so well. Always tough when that happens. There is something strangely satisfying about the garage grind. But I’m also kind of looking forward to the really cold, sunny, still days, with 4 hrs on ice tyres at 6.30am😂 Aye, and the good old Scottish 3/4 bunch. Bring it on😂


Nice one - at a similar early stage to yourself and just getting used to the volume. Be great to see what gains we make over coming months. :grin:


Nice gains! :ok_hand: